As you know, if you have tried to focus on the Lectio part of Lectio Divina, thoughts can sometimes come out of left field for a second and then disappear into the blackness. Here are some of my thoughts that I had and cast them onto Christ, as St. Benedict says in his Chapter 4 of the Rule of Benedict.

WONDER IF… Mary, upset with the fact that she was having a baby that was not Joseph’s, and fearful of being stoned, had an abortion?

WONDER IF… Jesus did not rise from the dead, but was a great hoax from followers who did not want to lose their power?

WONDER IF… The Real Presence of Christ is only a remembrance of the mind, much like July 4th, and not the same Christ in heaven who is real?

WONDER IF… We don’t die to self in order to have the grain of wheat die and bear fruit?

WONDER IF… Saint Peter, distraught at denying Christ three times, committed suicide, like Judas?

WONDER IF… St. Benedict, like other bands of roving monks, did not write his Rule and stabilize the monastic movement in 540 AD?

WONDER IF… There was no St. Bernard of Clairvaux who reformed the Rule of St. Benedict?

WONDER IF… There was no Martin Luther, who gave the Church Militant a wake up call to return to “having in you the mind of Christ Jesus?”

WONDER IF… Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta did not rise above her terrible doubts of faith during her lifetime and gave in to the temptation of letting the poor die without the presence of Christ with them?

WONDER IF… Your grain of wheat fell on rocky soil, you lost your Faith, your heritage, and you ended up not knowing what do did not know about loving God with our whole heart, our whole mind, and our whole self and love our neighbor as ourselves? Would your life be lifeless? It doesn’t have to be wasted.


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