I have wondered what it means for Jesus to be my Savior, My Redeemer Lives. There are a couple of ways to grow deeper with this phrase as Lectio Divina. I share with you what I did to move to a deeper level of my humanity, not just on the surface with what I can see, but the endless depths of my human experience that I have yet to fully explore. This Strong’s Concordance is a technical tool that I find helps me in having in me the mind of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 2:5)

I use Strong’s Concordance, a way to examine each word in the Scriptures to see its historicity and natural usage of the time. I want you to do the following.

  • Click on this URL of Strong’s Concordance to access it. https://biblehub.com/hebrew/1350.htm
  • A page will come up with a window at the top to allow you to search for any words you want.
  • Type in the word “redeem.”
  • Read what the page presents. It should bring up the Hebrew word, “Gaal.”
  • This is the word for Redeemer comes from a word associated with a pawn shop, where a KINSMAN (this is important) goes there to buy back what a family member hocked sometime before.
  • What thoughts does this evoke in you as you think of Christ as Redeemer?


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