SPIRITUAL READING: Sayings of the Desert Fathers

I offer you what I use as spiritual reading. Remember, reading Sacred Scripture is the deepest part because you become what you read. With these readings and all spiritual readings, you gain wisdom and perspective. Both are necessary, but one is essential.

These readings are not my regular routine reading but provide a real-life look into the process of becoming more like Christ and less like my human self (which ironically allows me to become more fulfilled as a human being). You will see the home page of the Monastery. Click on the tab that says “Prayer+Chant.” That takes you to a page that has a list of options. Choose the one that says “Saying and Stories of the Desert Fathers.” Just browsing in this website is fun for me. Hope you enjoy it as I do.

Peace be with you. This is not the peace that the world gives, the absence of conflict, but the presence of Love.


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