Here are some random thought fragments from the leftovers of my Lectio Divina (Philippians 2:5). I must admit these are “way out there.” I just relate to what was given to me. The following responses are ones from my Lectio based on esoteric questions from

What is the definition of finding God within oneself?

You must look where no human ever wants to look. You must open the door of your heart to the ontic possibility of the manifest ability of what you find in that dark place. You must sit down in one of two chairs with the door locked from the inside. You must wait to be in the presence of Knowledge, Love, and Service. You must do it every day. I do this. I can’t describe what it might do for you but it has opened that closed door to a dimension that is the fulfillment of my personal and collective humanity. My heaven is now using THE WAY given to me in that upper room. My hell is now because I know THE WAY in relation to THE TRUTH of what is and choose THE LIFE. This awareness is found with the Rule of Opposites and makes no sense at all with mere reason, yet it is the ultimate test of my eighty-some years of observation while alive. I need not prove God within me to anyone but myself, it itself a daily struggle moving from resonance to dissonance, from mortality to immortality, from corruption to incorruptibility, from NO to YES, from a reality that is only available with my reason to one that is enhanced by pure energy, as I can be aware of its presence. None of this makes sense to the World, as good as it is. It is only by dying to all that I know about science, philosophy, psychology, what it means to love, what Faith might be in me, and what the destiny of my humanity might become, that I pop out on the other side of my evolution to discover WHY I am, WHAT I am, WHERE I am, and WHO I am, as my nature intended by the revolution of evolution. As a citizen of these eighty two+ years, I have been gifted with the citizenship of incorruptibility, only possible when a power greater than me lifts me up, not to divinity, but to the highest drop of my humanity in a cup full of energy. This only happened once to humans with Mary, the Mother of Jesus. I can only claim adoption by the overshadowing of this cosmic blanket that allows me to go where my reason alone could not venture, where Steven Hawking and Einstein could not look. It is the complexity of simplicity, the dynamics of the Word made flesh and emptying Himself because of Love that I wish to emulate, all the days of my life—-eternally. Philippians 2:5

How can I achieve enlightenment emotion for manifestation?

You cannot do so with your corporeal human evolution. A higher being has enlightened energy, pure knowledge, pure love, and pure service. We can’t know what that is because we do not possess the capability nor the capacity to process what we would receive from such a state of being. Only if that being willed my presence would I be able to do so and only with human and not transcendental properties. Fortunately, that happened and I have tapped into it. You can’t begin to imagine the profundity of the ontic possibility of the manifestibillty of that encounter, all consistent with my humanity. Of course, this is absolute gibberish to those who do not have the tools to parse the dimensions of non-existence reality.

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Is it possible to hate everything except God?

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I don’t think your mom would like you if you did.

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