One of the sad commentaries of any time in human history comes when we explore reality around us and find that many people are illiterate in their spirituality, particularly their contemplative spirituality.

Can you answer these six questions? Take your time. You have between now and when you die to answer them correctly. Remember, objective truth comes from knowing the way and practicing authentic life. The Christ Principle is your key to unlocking the mysteries (not the secrets) of what it means to be fully human as nature intended.

A theme reoccurring in my waking moments is new wine needing new skins to keep from spoiling. Where do I find how to create new skins to keep the new wine from turning into vinegar? Applied to the spiritual universe, how can I make all things new?

At the heart of my own search for reality comes the realization that nothing I can conjure up in my physical or mental universe will lead me to be able to fulfill my destiny as a human being. Only meaning outside of myself and physical reality has the energy to help me both ask and answer authentic questions about what is the truth about what is reality.

Catholics keep knocking their heads against the wall, trying to pass on their Faith heritage to their young. From all the cases I can see, including my family, this has not worked as I would have liked. Why? Part of the answer I have uncovered is sharing the philosophical questions and answers with those we care about and showing others how to use the tools needed to transform their lives from one stage into something more. Spiritual and contemplative illiteracy means most Catholics don’t know how to grow deeper into Christ Jesus (capacitas dei) or to make new wineskins from the boredom of being human. Where do you find the answers to crucial life questions, and how do these answers stack up against what is true and accurate? There are answers out there if you know where to look.

Take the spiritual illiteracy test if you are so inclined. I will not put my answers in this blog but another one, and I think the authentic answers are from the Christ Principle.

What is the purpose of life? (A sentence or two, a Scripture reference, or a few words of meaning will do.)

What is the purpose of my life? (Using what you put as your first answer, answer the second question based on your first question’s response.)

What does reality look like? (Draw a picture or place three or four words there.)

How does it all fit together? (Is there a template you use to show how science, philosophy, and religion fit together?)

How can I love fiercely?

You know you are going to die; now what? (Using the five questions above, what next?)

How do you know your answers are correct? Are all these just subjective opinions, and all opinions are right (which means all of them cannot be true)?


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