THE DEVIL’S HANDBOOK: Possession and Q&A.

This entry is the second in a series on what I imagine the Devil might write as a handbook. They are the results of my Lectio Divina meditations (not contemplations) about my temptations and missteps. This might be Satan’s graduation address to those graduating from his Basic Course on Seduction.

My dear purveyors of falsehoods and evil thoughts:

I wanted to talk to you about possession because it is unlike your usual work assignments of suggesting evil to weak and prideful humans. Possession is the big league of demonology.

The earth is my domain, not God’s, and our job as pure spirits is to infest the minds of the pusillanimous with suggestions that will sidetrack them from choosing what is right versus what is easy. My big problem with all humans, not you, are dealing with their ability to say YES or NO to me and my thinking. It is frustrating as the ruler of the kingdom of earth to have humans say NO to me and my will. I alone know what is good for them and what leads them to a permanent state of hatred of god and themselves. Oh, how I love to laugh scornfully at those who abandon God in favor of me and can’t return to resonance with the kingdom of heaven. Their wills are my will forever. Don’t believe that fire is the most excruciating pain there is. No! It knows that they missed the mark (sin) on the purpose of human existence and can’t go back. Fellow demons, you must join me in ridiculing humans in Hell 24/7, laughing at them because they could have had everything and now just have me. I love it!

As pure spirits, there are two types of possession for humans; one is to suggest evil and that there is no Satan. You are outside of humans but infiltrate their minds. You have no control over what they choose but have influence as a voice in their conscience that tells them happiness is not what God says is good. It is too difficult to be God’s follower. They must die to their false self. How inconvenient, although it is true. Those of you who have been branded with 666 upon graduation move to a new dimension of possession, one that seeks to enter the hearts of humans and displace goodness with my pride, envy, jealousy, factions, orgies, and making me god of the kingdom of earth.

So, how can you possess humans as I possess you? Let me count the ways:

Humans can say NO to us, but we have an ace in the hole, original sin. Humans are created good but must maintain that goodness constantly against our relentless roaring about seeking whom we may devour.

Once humans get tired of their struggle because they drift away from prayer and become bored with God (I can relate to that), you can use your powers of seduction of the mind to move them farther and farther away from God and closer to my will. It is an authentic tug of war. Don’t give up. Humans tire easily without God’s power to sustain them.

Once you have toppled their center, here is your chance to suggest that they put me as their center, what makes them human and fulfilled. Of course, it is false, but they don’t know that. They become prideful in their achievements and seek only what makes them happy.

There is a problem, one that God has as well. Humans must keep themselves centered on me. It takes work and energy to do that. Your job is there until their last moments.

You have the opportunity to move from the seduction of the mind to one of the heart. This is the deepest penetration of our demon hood into the actual body of the person so that there is no more room for their own ability to choose. You choose for them. These humans are hosts for evil and don’t even know it. You will know them by what comes out of their mouths and the treasures they claim in their hearts. This is the highest joy we demons have.

As an incentive for each of you, I will assign one of these fallen humans (like we were fallen angels) to you to stimulate your hatred and anger to new levels of satisfaction. You can build many souls in your care if you work hard over the centuries. Some have thousands of souls in their legion, all screaming for someone to end their torment. Do you remember the story of Lazarus in the Scriptures? You can laugh at them, along with me, for their mistake in missing the purpose of life, although it was right in front of them all alone. There is nothing more satisfying for a demon than to laugh hysterically in the face of a human who thought we were God, only to discover that we are a false god.

Your graduation does not mean you have concluded your effort but only have them begin again. There will always be a new crop of gullible humans from which you can gain additional souls to your cadre.

I can now take some questions from the graduates.

Can demons take on human appearance? Of course. You don’t have a corporeal body like humans, but you have the ability to take on a persona or just remain a evil whisperer.

In our bad of tricks you gave us, what, in your experience, is the most effective tool we can use to separate humans from their Faith? Factioning. Split up families, dioceses, local churches, and individuals and you divide and conquer. All you have to do is wait.

Does good equal evil in your eyes? No. Evil does have its own power, but depends upon the power of humans on earth for its validity. Those humans marked with the cross, have been lifted up to the next level of their evolution and are above the powers of the earth (or the World, as Scriptures relates).

Are atheists, agnostics, unbelievers and the like evil and on our side? Depends. Most of these groups don’t even know what they don’t know. One of their problems is that they can’t think outside of the paradigm that they have constructed for what reality looks like. They only look at the earth not the kingdom of heaven. This approach benefits us but they may not be actual followers of me. They do my bidding by their lack of Faith as intended by their evolution.

What is your favorite food? I usually joke it is Devil’s Food Cake, but we don’t need or eat food as humans expect it to be. My food and its energy comes when someone makes me god and forsakes God.

Who is more powerful, you or God? I am, of course. The reason is I chose NO to what God is and no one can tell me differently. Humans can say YES or NO to both God and me. That is why you are here. Recruitment. The problem is, if humans knew what Hell was truly like, we would only have ourselves in this kingdom of earth and no one would want to follow us. That is why we get results using chacainery, deceit, lying, and prevarication. It works.

That is all. Off you go to do my will and build up souls in your portfolio to torment forever. Who says this is not fun?

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