One of the characteristics of the Holy Spirit, as I observe our interaction, is being long-winded. If you remember, I spoke of at least four strings or patterns that cut across the physical, mental, and spiritual universes in Part I of the ramifications of dissonance. One string but three meanings depending on what universe they are in. Compounding this phenomenon is that all three universes are lived out in each moment, despite having a beginning when created and an end whenever that happens.

Quantum mechanics has its string theory.

The problem with the physical universe and the attempt by quantum theoretical physics to explain it is that you only see one-third of reality, the other third being the universe of the mind and the universe of the Spirit. Across the expanse of temporal time that we experience, using The Rule of Threes stretches at least seven filaments or strings that could be considered cross-cutting or binder straps.

  • If there is no physical universe, there can be no mental universe. Similarly, if there is no physical and mental universe, there can be no spiritual universe. This is part of the intelligent progression.
  • The physical universe is the reality that is and acts as the base for human life.
  • The mental universe is a reality that specific languages (science, mathematics, physics, astronomy, psychology, philosophy) look at physical reality and ask HOW, WHY, WHEN, WHAT, WHO, and SO WHAT?
  • The spiritual universe is an anomaly because all knowledge, love, and service in this universe are incorruptible (having a beginning for each individual in Baptism but no end). It must be entered by an act of free will and sustained by interaction with the incorruptibility of pure energy. Christ is the Principle by, through, and with whom we can even be this pure energy into ourselves according to our capacity (capacitas dei). Because humans must maintain dual citizenship (the corruptibility of matter and mind) interacting with the incorruptibility of the Spirit, we feel the force generated by this conflict much as a polar magnetic reversal. The world exerts a pull against the spiritual universe, which we must counter daily through Lectio Divina, Eucharist, Eucharistic Adoration, Reading Scriptures and the inspiration of the Saints, and just going into our inner room, locking the door, and sitting down next to the heart of Christ…and waiting. It takes work to keep yourself centered on the way, the truth, and life.
  • The problem with the spiritual universe is that you must choose it to enter it. To be partially aware of this, I have used The Parable of the Prodigal Son to help me tease out possible meanings of this problem. If I am Baptized, our human reasoning says, and it is confirmed by the Scriptures, then how is it that others who are not Baptized as Jesus taught to get to heaven with the same reward as I do?
  • Those who have been redeemed by the lamb’s blood (the fulfillment of the sacrifice of Abraham and the Arc of the Covenant) have been gifted adoption by the Father. As a result, they must walk in the footsteps of the Master and offer their life for the forgiveness of their sins and the hope of the Resurrection. They walk in the Light that penetrates the darkness of the world so that they might see what the world does not see (there is no god, and Christ is only a story) and receive energy to ask that they be lifted up to the next level of their evolution in, with, and through Christ.
  • Darkness has no power in and of itself. Light is energy and comes from divine nature, not human nature. This enables those who have Faith to see that what seems like a total folly to those who have no eyes to see is the cornerstone of reality.
  • To use science, philosophy, and theology, the world needs Light to see in the mental universe. In the physical universe of matter, darkness is the default but has no energy, and Light is energy and contains intelligent progression as time moves toward its ultimate destiny. This is still the universe of matter, but now with the addition that we know that we can choose to meet our needs (remembering that we come from animality). In the third universe, that of the Spirit, we must die to ourselves and offer our wills to that of the Father each day. It is a voluntary gift based on our realization that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. This third universe is the opposite of the first two, the sign of contradiction. Darkness in this universe, while we are alive, is creeping corruption. The darkness seeks to encroach on the Light of our Christ Center unless we cut the grass of our Faith each day and make all things new. We do this with the enlightenment and energy of the Holy Spirit, which allows us to sit next to the beating heart of Christ and receive this power directly from Him. Our spiritual self needs the energy to continue the fight to resist Satan and his demons that thrive in the world’s darkness and try to pull us from being lifted up to the next level of our evolution. This is not a titanic battle as much as it is a Satanic battle for our soul. Our task is to keep the Pascal candle of Christ lit in the hurricane winds that seek to separate us from Christ.


The darkness and light themes are most appropriate for humans who abide by these natural occurrences to be able to see at all. As I do with all my ideas, I subject them to the discipline of the Rule of Threes. This is not a rule in the scientific sense, but a measure that I use to make sense out of a universe that I am finding simultaneously more complex and yet described by The Christ Principle. It is one reality with three levels of existence; the physical universe or base; the mental universe or world of reason and free choice; all leading to the spiritual universe, housing both the questions and answers to what it means to be human as our nature intended.

Light in the physical universe is the universe where Light exists due to progressive interactions of gravity, mass, gases, atoms, and time that produce energy in the form of photons. My point is that there are rules humans did not create called natural laws in this universe of matter. Humans exist in this universe but only as a bunch of atoms and other life forms.

Light in the mental universe — Light in the physical universe allows us to see what surrounds us. We have eyes with which we see can interact with our environment, whatever that might be. In the mental universe, Light can mean several things: the ability to look at science and other languages that help us survive the rigors of life events. There is also a mental light that is enlightenment, as it is more about our environment. Scientific and philosophical thought allows me to use present and past knowledge to decide future options. Moving forward in the Light of knowledge means I continue to wonder about the reality around me and ask the interrogatories to discover meaning. As an individual, enlightenment allows me to add to my individual expression of the purpose of life. It is different for me than for you, but no less real. Light in the mental universe means I must deal with the realities that I cannot see, such as human emotion, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and assimilating what is hidden in my mind with what is visible to my eyes. Awareness, collectively as humans and individually, or how I take that collective knowledge and use the template of meaning that I have discovered, is the sum total of who I am. It is intelligent progression because I only live in physical time. I have a memory to hold on to some of the present situations and lessons I learn from experimentation of what is right and wrong. Each individual can choose different systems of thinking to move deeper into the mystery of human existence.

I use three systems of thinking. You use none of these or have different ones. Quidquid recepitur ad modum recepientis recepitur or “Whatever is received, is received according to the disposition of the one who receives it.” This is why I can have The Christ Principle as my center, with all the assumptions I have formed about it, but an atheist doesn’t “see” any of this in the slightest and thinks I am delusional. I am delusional according to their disposition while making perfect sense to me. These systems are assumptions that I have picked up along the way, tested through trials and errors, and have chosen to make the template or key to explaining all that is. When looking at how all reality fits together, I have discovered that The Christ Principle is just the opposite of what the world thinks is real, according to science, philosophy, and even some other religious systems. Here are my three systems.

SCIENTIFIC THINKING — This is one of three ways I view reality. Scientific thinking looks at reality and asks the core questions about the matter, what makes up what we can see and measure with the languages of mathematics, medicine, statistics, chemistry, and physics, to name but a few. Without science, we would not probe the depths of the universe (relativity) or the atom (quantum mechanics).

PHILOSOPHICAL THINKING — This dimension of my thinking asks why something is, just like science, but uses philosophy and cognitive systems to answer it. Different measurements, different methodologies, but the same question. I use poetry to look at the Horsehead Nebula and ask questions that are not limited by matter. I use literature and various literary devices to explore the seemingly bottomless archetype of Genesis, Chapters 1 and 2, and The Christ Principle. I use Joseph Campbell’s notion of hero myth to apply these commentaries on human behavior and the need for closer to our evolutional process. It is not scientific but a different view of the same reality, like the Hindu story of the elephant.

THE CHRIST PRINCIPLE — In intelligent progression, the scientific approach is superior to others in looking at visible reality and taking apart reality to enlighten us about what it is. The philosophical approach is another way to look at reality, one that can look at visible and invisible reality and ask interrogatory questions to lead to more enlightenment. These two systems of thinking seek to explore the wonder of what is about it but with different tools. They are complementary but very different in their systematic approaches. Here are some characteristics:

Light in this system of thinking emanates from the Christ Principle. It is not physical Light or human enlightenment but rather the opposite. It is the sign of contradiction that solves The Divine Equation but uses the energy of the Holy Spirit and the enlightenment of the Father to teach humans that, to be fully human, they must love another as Christ loved us. This Principle encapsulates scientific and human inquiry using cognitive and archetypal literary devices. It provides the final key or template into which all reality flows and from which humans gain fulfillment of their human nature as intended in the Garden of Eden.

This Light is the energy of the divine nature, one unknowable except through the Christ Principle, yet the fulfillment of all that is in Point Omega.

Light in the spiritual universe — When we all are baptized, Catholic or not, we receive the sign of the cross on our forehead and a tattoo on our hearts. This means we are all adopted sons and daughters of the Father. We have dual citizenship as children of the Light. Light plays an essential part in what it means to be a foreigner in a foreign land (the earth where we live until death). That does not mean we know more than anyone else but that we can SEE more than others who only live in two universes (physical and mental). Read what John has to say.

God is Light.

5Now this is the message that we have heard from him and proclaim to you: God is light,* and in him there is no darkness at all.

6If we say, “We have fellowship with him,” while we continue to walk in darkness, we lie and do not act in truth.e

7But if we walk in the light as he is in the light, then we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of his Son Jesus cleanses us from all sin.f

8If we say, “We are without sin,” we deceive ourselves,* and the truth is not in us.g

9If we acknowledge our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from every wrongdoing.h

10If we say, “We have not sinned,” we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.i

Our Omega, the terminal end to our existence as humans, those who can see that and those who do not, is The Christ Principle, the energy source of the Light of the World.

None of these three levels of darkness or Light depends on whether I believe them to be true or not. The energy that produces Light so that I can fulfill my human destiny shine from an utterly different nature, The Divine Equation. The enlightenment of God provides me with the questions and answers to the six questions each human must seek to answer correctly. Darkness will not help with these answers because it has no energy and is dependent on itself.

Hell is the darkness of this third universe, where people who choose can go spend their eternity in physical and spiritual darkness. The absence of Light is not physical Light but the Light of Christ. Purgatory is a condition where people who never had the Father’s adoption or a clue about the way, the truth, or the life can go to penance for their sins. It is a place of second chances.


  • If you are Baptized Catholic, don’t take Light or darkness for granted.
  • You must choose each day to “have in you the mind of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 2:5)
  • You can walk in the darkness or in the Light.
  • Each day is a conversion to Jesus as Lord.
  • It is not easy or fun to carry your cross like Christ did, but it is your lot as one with the cross on your forehead.
  • Nothing about the Christ Principle makes sense using only the world’s logic, science, or philosophy.
  • Each day, in your morning offering, remember who you are and where you are headed as an adopted son (daughter) of the Father.
  • God chose you; you did not choose God. Belief is when you say “Thank you.” for all the gifts you have received from His bounty through Christ, Our Lord.
  • We deserve none of this because all humans are sinners (except Jesus and Mary).
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