Actually, there is no solution to the Divine Equation as much as it is a key to living your humanity in such a way that you can see reality and thus fulfill the next step in the evolution of the species. In seeing reality authentically, you need to answer six questions. They need to be answered in order, beginning with number one, before proceeding to number two. The answer to number one will be one that helps you answer number two, and so on. Don’t skip a question.

Both the question and its answer must be correct before you proceed. As you are probably asking yourself in your mind, who has the correct answer? You must answer that question from the sum total of the experiences you have had in your lifetime. There is only one answer for each question that is correct?

Who should take the test? Anyone who is a sinner, like me, and, in addition, atheists, agnostics, pagans, Wiccans, Christians, Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, Jews, Muslims, cult followers, Scientologists, Buddhists, Mormons, Native Americans, Hindus, any followers of New Age thinking, plus anyone who is a scientist, philosopher, psychologist, literary writer or reader.

Can you do it? No time limit. No reward for answering correctly or incorrectly. Just the challenge of being in resonance with the totality of reality.

  • What is the purpose of life?
  • What is my purpose within that purpose?
  • What does reality look like?
  • How does that reality fit together
  • How to love fiercely?
  • You know you are going to die, now what?

Good luck.

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