In one of my more esoteric moments, or should I say what I think about after retirement, my thoughts go to how all reality fits together.  My book on the Six Thresholds of Life (see the BOOK section of this blog) has, as threshold number four, “How Does It All Fit Together?”

What is the “it”?  To answer this, I have had to assume that there are three distinct and separate universes all existing together in unity, each with its own evolution, each one with its distinctive ways to measure reality. They are symbiotic, needing each other to answer the ultimate equation of life, not just in visible reality but invisible reality. Crazy, isn’t it? I have been attempting to develop one theory of reality but have been unable, mainly because my assumptions do not support what I can deduce from what I see around me.  Here are a few of my assumptions:

  1. Threshold three of my book states that there are three distinct universes (physical, mental, and spiritual). I could not come to an accommodation to make one single reality. It did not make sense when I tried to answer questions about the purpose of life and the spiritual assumptions I hold. Most people live in two universes, that of the physical world (visible) which finds meaning through the mental world (visible and invisible reality)
  2. I have no problem with science being scientific, nor the mind finding meaning based on what we collectively observe and reason. I had, and still have a problem with limiting my notion of reality to just finite reality (everything has a beginning and an end). If you take a look at the Drake Equation, you can see a formula to determine the probability of life existing on other worlds, not sentient life, I might add, just organic molecules. Read it for yourself on: astronomy/drake_ equation.html There are lots of assumptions on this equation that are “iffy” but it does give a good way to look at life on other planets like ours. My background is Biology, so I am attentive to looking at things from a scientific perspective and don’t want to mix theology and science together, a totally useless exercise of my mind.  The two are totally separate and flourish quite well with their own assumptions and measurements. In looking at one reality, I don’t mix what I have found to be unmixable. There are each separate universes. Here is the point. Science and spirituality try to make sense out of where we find ourselves in time using the mind. Using scientific methodology to discover what is invisible is impossible–it doesn’t do well with literary assumptions and philosophical propositions. To find one theory of reality, I keep the scientific and spiritual separate because they describe very different realities and don’t use the same measures to define what is real.
  3. The question for me is, how do I make sense out of what is both visible and invisible without violating my reason, my assumptions, and my experiences. How do I formulate a purpose of life and my purpose in it? How can I find out what love is and how do I love fiercely? How can I possible comprehend what is beyond my mental and spiritual powers to see and hear what is true?

Well, my life has, for the most, part been a failure in the professional and personal realm. I am not rich or famous. I did not reach my goal of loving with all my heart (Deuteronomy 6). Those around me think I am a failure for being spiritual or for writing blogs and books that no one reads (granted I have no money for promotion). Yet, I know what the purpose of life is. I know what my personal purpose is in that life. I know how reality looks and acts. I know how reality all fits together as one. I know how to love fiercely, even if I don’t always do it. I know what comes after death.

If you wish to read more about these quirky ideas, look up my trilogy called Spiritual Apes in the Store section of this blog, a three volume set of thoughts about reality and where I find myself within its borders.

Retirement can be a blast if you don’t limit yourself to conventional thinking and acting.


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