When I look up something that puzzles me or confuses me, which is almost 100% of the time, I use these five sites when I think of contemplative spirituality. I thought you might like to see what they are and bookmark them. I offer these sites as an aspiring Lay Cistercian in search of wisdom and humility.


You will find many hours of enjoyment clicking on and reading the various sites that pertain to Cistercians.  There are two branches of the Cistercian observance, Regular Observance ( O. Cist.) and Strict Observance (O.C.S.O.). Of particular interest to me were the sites that pertain to Lay Cistercians and those highlighting the early history of the movement.

NUMBER FOUR: LAY CISTERCIAN WEBSITES OF NOTE TO MOVE FROM SELF TO GOD  Read this website. Carl is a Lay Cistercian of Holy Spirit Monastery, Conyers, Georgia, also where I aspire to be a Lay Cistercian. My favorite website of an individual practitioner of Cistercian piety.

NUMBER THREE: RESEARCH SITES TO GROW DEEPER INTO CHRIST JESUS  If there is one source I use more than others, it is New Advent.  It contains the Catholic Encyclopedia, Summa Theologica, Bible, Early primary sources or Fathers of the Church, plus other great links.  Don’t miss this one.

NUMBER TWO: TEACHINGS OF THE MAGISTERIUM (Vatican)  This is a site on which I have spent many happy hours looking up the actual texts about what the Church actually teaches, as opposed to what people say we teach but don’t.

NUMBER ONE: MY WEBSITE   This is my own website.  I put it as number one because I use it the most, not because I think it is the best. It is the result of my daily Lectio Divina and a poor attempt to share some practical ways to practice contemplative spirituality with an emphasis on the Cistercian heritage.  I had tried to give you a variety of website that I use to grow from self to God.  They have all helped me to look at who I am in relationship to God (He must increase, I must decrease).

That in all things, may God be glorified. –St. Benedict





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