FAITH AND BELIEF: Fragments from Lectio Divina meditations

If you have Faith, do you need proof?

There are two different kinds of proofs: one to measure the visible universe primarily and emotions and the human condition, as a backup; then there is a proof that is the opposite of all of that and cannot measure what cannot be measured but instead hinted at. We look at the hints and deduce this and that conclusion depending on our individual assumptions. Religion, to be authentic, is not able to be measured with the measurements (proofs) of scientific inquiry (which I use as appropriate to view visible reality). Faith means you are jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet in pitch back hoping that your parachute works and that you don’t end up in a tree or something bad. Christ jumps out before you and says, “Geronimo! Let’s go.” It doesn’t make sense but Christ has told you I am your parachute and I am the way, so that you know what is true, and therefore have authentic life. Everyone must jump out of this plane to get to heaven (Faith and Baptism). It is not reasonable if you don’t know about Jesus and you just stand at the door, facing pitch darkness, with no one to tell you anything.

Faith only comes from God and is God’s energy overshadowing us (Mary, Pentecost, the upper room, when I am adopted as God’s son (daughter). Belief only comes from me and my assent to Faith (Be it done unto me according to your word).

Christ could not work some miracles because of their lack of Faith (no covenant relationship) so you don’t believe what isn’t believable. Belief, our saying to the Father, “your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” is needed to complete the circuit so that electricity flow. In prayer, it takes two to tango.

Faith always reaches down from divinity to human; Belief always reaches up or lifts up our minds and hearts to God. Philippians 2:5-12 is my favorite passage to keep me focused that God is God (humility) and I am me, and I am not God.

Faith is when I sit on my park bench in the dead of winter in silence and solitude, waiting and hoping (belief) for Christ to show up so my heart can be warmed up by the heart of Christ. I realize that Christ has always been there (Faith) waiting for me (Love) as I long to be with Our Blessed Lord (Hope).

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