THE DEVIL’S HANDBOOK: Lessons on how to seduce humans.

This blog is the first series on the premise that if the Devil had a handbook to train demons in how to seduce the faithful, what would be in it. Of course, I made all of this up. Still, the content comes from my Lectio Divina meditations, and the examples are those I experienced during my ongoing struggle with the Great Prevaricator.

If you have not read The Screwtape Letters, I will encourage you to listen to the audiobook now.

My Dear Purveyors of Evil:

Today’s lesson is essential because I will show you whom to seduce. All humans are not worthy of your time.

LESSON ONE: WHO IS A DEMON, AND THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF DEMONS. I write this for you who are demon spirits. T.We don’t have human physical bodies or live in the world. We do have reason and freedom to choose. You have chosen me; I have not chosen you. You live by my rules, not your own. These rules are:

Hatred is to be preferred over love; don’t let anyone tell you what to do except me;

Get anyone with the cross mark on their forehead to cross over to the darkness of sin.

Sin is good; it fosters the anarchy of the individual as a god. Remember, your sign is that of the beast.

Flee from God and those who call him Master, Savior, Rabbi, or Lord. You have one Lord, the Lord of the Earth, and that is me. I am a jealous being who does not suffer fools gladly.

I commend you on your selection for those who are seduced by their own choice. You are humans who, not knowing what you choose, have joined me in hatred of God and those he calls friends.

The third type of demon is a human who has not chosen me or even a clue that they are doing my will but thinks they are correct that there is God or Church. They do my will without even realizing that they have been possessed. They do speak good demon nonetheless.

LESSON TWO: DISCERN — I will list some people you should stay away from because they are already corrupted and not worth your interest or energy.

  • Movie Stars in general, specifically those who think they can speak for me in trying to push hatred and anarchy of free choice. They lead lives that seem glamorous but inside are a bag of dead bones. If we leave them alone, they sometimes do a much better job than us. Let the painter paint.
  • Politicians
  • Amoral thinkers
  • Atheists and Agnostics, Pagans and Druids, Witches and Warlocks. Leave them alone.
  • False prophets and preachers of prosperity gospel who think money is their god. It is. They don’t need us.
  • Anyone who calls the innocent bad names makes fun of them because they hold fast to teachings that we hate.
  • Secular humanists propagate their egos by thinking that being fully human means moral anarchy. They don’t need us; we need them.
  • Pedophile clergymen and women of all denominations and professions. Once they are hooked and addicted to porn, sexual anarchy, and thinking that all morality is based on what they think is true, you got them and don’t need to waste your time. Of course, they may convert and repent, but the odds are in our favor.
  • Teenagers who slough off the hard way favor a sloth-filled life geared to their appetites and whims. Like teenagers who drink to drunkenness because it is fun, they think they are strong but are pusillanimous. But don’t know it. They have no foundation for morality and are already in our camp.
  • Public School teachers who advocate no moral compass or
  • Scientists lock themselves out of the reality of the invisible and think that science has the power to help them move to the next level of evolution. Scientific thinking is not evil, but those who fail to open themselves to the totality of all people we need to avoid.
  • Global leaders who advocate taking over other counties just because they can are not worth your time.
  • Political, racial, and religious fractional leadership seeks to dominate rather than serve their constituents by dividing humans. They help us more than you know.

LESSON THREE: Know your enemy. This is a list that I want you to pin on your mirror in the morning so that you never forget the enemy. This segment is about the top ten people that demons should focus on to knock them off of their centers and so begin the slippery slope of sin. I am writing this as though Satan is talking to his Legions, giving them instructions on what to do and not do. These are those who have been marked with the sign of the cross on their foreheads, so you can know your enemy.

  • Jesus. Seduce him, and I’ll make you major domo. I failed at this.
  • The Pope. Seduce him, and you get Demon of the Year.
  • Sincere and innocent priests, nuns, and laity who try to love each other.
  • Monks and nuns in monasteries live out the Ordinary’s Martyrdom daily.
  • Lay Cistercians and other Lay Institutes.
  • Anyone who claims Jesus is Lord.
  • The sick and dying are weak and vulnerable.
  • Those who allow their Faith to grow weeds from lack of care.


If you want to be a member of my family destined for the profound darkness of evil, then you must do the following.

  • Give up your free will to choose good or bad in favor of what my will is.
  • Worship me as the god of the Kingdom of Earth and your master. I am the Great Attractor on earth and the Accuser of all Humans.
  • Cultivate a hatred of God and all those who seek to do his will.
  • Latch on to one human at a time before you move to the next one. Completely dominate their willpower to bend to my will to hate others as I hate you.
  • You must hate God daily with all your strength, all your mind, and all your heart.
  • Learn to hate what is good about humans and always seek to destroy their Faith in God.
  • You must love to punish those in hell whom you have seduced with mental and physical torments.
  • You have no power to enter a person unless they ask or act as evil. If someone invites you into their inner self, seek to enter meekly, then destroy everything inside that is good or inclined to love anyone.
  • If you are a pure demon spirit, pursue your prey without ceasing.

LESSON FIVE: Specific tactics to separate humans from what they think is good.

  • Never mention the name of God (I do it only with utter contempt). Ugh!
  • Always suggest that religion is against pro-choice and abortion and, therefore, somehow evil.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you what to do (except my will, for I am the truth).
  • “Religion is the opium of the people,” you should whisper to the weak in mind and heart.
  • Always whisper softly in the ears of humans that if God really cared about them, He would not have allowed the pain to hurt little children and abuse them with pedophile predators.
  • Encourage those who think they are strong to rape and pillage others. You can tell these people from their center. They placed the pleasure of their sexual organs as their center and only wished to excite their free will.
  • Separate people with a penchant for evil and envy from those who seek to love others.
  • Encourage gossiping and factions.
  • Love to seduce the innocent only to laugh in their faces later that they should not have listened to you.
  • Suggest to the weak-minded that, after all, it is only sex that is involved, some quite natural and to be used to make you full as a human being.
  • Suggest to people that I am just as good as God, in fact, better because, while they live, I allow them to do whatever they please. None of this morality stuff.
  • Put the idea that I have as much power as God. There is the realm of good and its equal, the realm of bad. God doesn’t want you to be like him, so there are behaviors Christ suggests that go against reason and don’t make sense. Tell them to resist doing what God wants.
  • Place the thought inside them that you don’t have to work to keep me out of their center. They can commit once, I can buy that one, but not daily. Resist their efforts to have habits that increase God every day but decrease me.
  • Use the technique of redirection, made famous by most politicians and movie stars. Suggest that what makes you feel good is normal for a human. The Church is just trying to confuse you with its insistence on penance and humility. Ugh!
  • Use sincerity as a reason to hold hatred and anger. Racial divisions and religious factions are a good way to drive a wedge between spouses or family members. Quote slogans such as “I’ts my body and no one can tell me what to do with it,” and “Religion is just a bunch of fairy tales like the tooth fairy,”
  • Appeal to those who have been a victim of sin (which includes anyone who ever lived) and wronged by another that they deserve resistitution and vengence. Keep their thinking away from forgiveness and mercy. Feed upon their hatred and self pity.
  • Those who have a weak spirit are especially vulnerable to the suggestion of jealousy, self-pity, hatred, vengence, and hurting others who hurt them. Hook them with kindness but always leave them enslaved to your will.

LESSON SIX: How to speak good demon.

You don’t need to speak science, human experiences, or even how to fulfill the human heart with what it craves most, sexual pleasure. You do need to speak a modicum of demon language. Here I am not speaking of pure demons that come without human form or function. I mean those humans who are committed to wiping out God from the minds and hearts of all humans. Some are atheists, agnostics, pagans, or simply those who hate God. The third group of demons doesn’t even know they are demons but push evil. These individuals don’t know what they don’t know and are useless to me and my kingdom. We use them because they help us by their ignorance and the false values they hold. They don’t need to speak demon.


Learning any language is a process of knowing about 3000 to 5,000 words and practicing how to use them in sentences so that others may receive what you send and make sense of it. In your case, this means you learn these key ideas and present them to the minds of the weak and vulnerable followers of God’s language. Can you imagine that God has only one rule, to love others as He loves you? Love is weak and mushy. We should burden people with all kinds of guilt and rules designed to cause humans to be less and less human and more and more like animal nature from which they evolved. Language is our way of suggesting to our targets that no one should tell them what to do, especially Jesus.

Here are some words, and their accompanying behavioral habits that I want you to memorize and then use against the weak and pusillanimous so that they choose our way and not God’s. Worshipping self and the images within your center slowly strips humans of their Faith (if they have it at all).

(1) vainglory, or pride,

(2) greed, or covetousness,

(3) lust, or inordinate or illicit sexual desire,

(4) envy,

(5) gluttony, which is usually understood to include drunkenness,

(6) wrath, or anger, and

(7) sloth

  • immorality,
  • impurity,
  • licentiousness,o
  • idolatry,
  • sorcery,
  • hatreds,
  • rivalry,
  • jealousy,
  • outbursts of fury,
  • acts of selfishness,
  • dissensions,
  • factions,p
  • occasions of envy,* 
  • drinking bouts,
  • orgies.

Always remember, I am the Lord of the Earth, and you must help me rule by suggesting to people that I am a king. Those who follow me will reap the benefits of the words that you have just learned how to seduce the weak-willed and those with a lack of resolve.


Here are a couple of examples of what I am talking about. These people don’t realize what they are saying. They are perfect candidates for demons because they think with their egos and use calumny and detraction instead of their normal human reasoning to respond to questions that they can’t answer. These are not my statements but some I lifted from others. They are real.

Part II is to come.


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