Lectio Divina Fragments: Three Principles emerging from The Divine Equation

If you have been following my meanderings, I write around a core of The Divine Equation in my Lectio Divina meditations on The Christ Principle. Mainly, I just listen to what is said and try to keep my mental mind open. It doesn’t always work, but here is one of the fragments I found in the leftovers basket.


The kick-off lectio for my Lectio Divina has always been Philippians 2:5, “…have in you the mind of Christ Jesus.” That is the jump-off point for my meditation (meditatio). “I am not you; you are not me; God is not me; and, most certainly, I am not God.” the Divine Equation is the secret of opening up my inner self to whatever God wants to send my way. I call it “divine” because the question and the answers come from a divine nature, not a human one. If I answer the six postulate questions that allow me to access the key that unlocks the chains that bind my mind to the world, I discover new and exciting opportunities to know, love, and serve God in this world so that I can be happy with God in the next one. I make my heaven on earth using what human experiences I have (both good and destructive).

I received these six questions during one of my Lectio Divina sessions. Not only that, but I also received the correct answers to those six questions. This opens the holds that bind my box together and allows me to open it. But, there is still one more question to ask and answer. I have just answered those six questions that allow me to open the box where I find a key. I don’t know, “Does the key work in the lock which allows my humanity to be fully what it intended by nature?”

The key to the Divine Equation comes from The Christ Principle, the center of all reality, visible and invisible. Christ provided me with the key (the cross) and gave up his life for the ransom of many. I have inserted my key into the lock that has kept my mind locked (original sin) and opened it. Now that I have opened it, I no longer have to use the Scriptures to prove anything to anyone. I use the Scriptures (John 20;30-31) to believe that Jesus, Son of God, is the savior and Messiah and hope that the words of Christ to us are through.

What I have received after I have unlocked the Divine Equation is out of this world, literally and figuratively. In the series of Lectio refections, these are thoughts that come as a result of The Holy Spirit unlocking my heart and mind so that I can love God with all my strength and my neighbor as myself. This is where belief comes in, not a one-time shot, get it and forget it belief, but one that takes the cross each day to unlock my humanity to choose to sit next to Christ in the quiet of my heart (Matthew 6:5) and be present to the totality of all that is.


I learned in 8th grade what the purpose of life is and have tried to place that center each day so that I don’t take for granted my Faith but renew my heart each day with the love of Christ sitting next to me.

Walking with my friend.


I see three principles in my view of reality. Principles are those centers into which everything flows and from which, anything that emerges is transformed. Where does all this originate?

The Genesis Principle is more than a book; it is an explanation of creation for our consideration and how humans can be good yet so prone to evil. It is the principle of creation that humans partake in as they are aware (knowledge of good and evil). In the beginning, was the word. (John 1:1). What word was so powerful that its nothingness created somethingness? Yes. Be it done unto me according to your word. This is the kingdom of the Father.

The Christ Principle builds on creation and transforms the corruption of matter and mind to its intended intelligent progression (what humans were intended to be before the Fall in the Garden of Eden). This second Eden has human flaws. All humans have free will and the ability to choose (no one will tell me what to believe). Humans are left to discover what is good and what will hurt us. We are seduced by the Lord of the World, the Great Accuser (personified by Satan, who asks us to offer incense at his altar). God saw that human reasoning was corrupted by original sin and became human to open up the pathways to discovering the fulness of our humanity. (Philippians 2:5-12). The second principle is the key for humans to open up the ability to live in another universe (spiritual universe) that each person must enter by choice (Baptism) and sustain by energy (The Holy Spirit). This universe begins with the sacrifice of Jesus to the Father by offering his will up to the Father in reparation for the NO given to God by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

This is the first key I noticed and led me to expand my awareness to two other principles. One is the Kingdom of the Father, the Second the Kingdom of the Son, and the third, The Kingdom of the Holy Spirit. There is only one Kingdom, and as you might have guessed, it does not include the world.

This is the principle of love, the fullness of what it means to be human, to love others as Christ loved us. You only get to join this Kingdom if you choose to do so (belief), and that takes God’s energy to choose you as an adopted son (daughter). If you use The Genesis Principle and The Christ Principle in the context of original sin, you must struggle or battle to keep yourself centered on Christ.

The Spirit Principle is what happened to the Twelve Apostles when the Holy Spirit overshadowed them with the fullness of knowledge (as much as a human could tolerate), the love with God that is beyond what the world can teach us, and sustain that love by helping others with their humanity (service).

Christ is the new wine, and the Church must constantly renew itself to be a new skin. The danger is thinking that old skins are better than the trouble of taking up our crosses daily to make all things new with and through Christ.

I have found that following Cistercian practices and charisms allows me to move from my false self to making myself new through daily conversio morae and capacitas dei (more Jesus, less me).

More fragments are on their way.


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