Francisco Paco Ambrosetti, God rest his soul, is a Lay Cistercian now standing before the Throne of the Lamb and proclaiming the glory of the Father. Here is his prayer. May his soul, and the soul of all Lay Cistercians rest in the peace of Christ.

Paco’s Prayer

COME, Holy Spirit. Replace the tension within me with a holy relaxation.

Replace the turbulence within me with a sacred calm.

Replace the anxiety within me with quiet confidence.

Replace the fear within me with a strong faith.

Replace the bitterness within me with a sweetness of grace.

Replace the darkness within me with a gentle light.

Replace the coldness within me with loving warmth.

Replace the night within me with your day.

Replace the winter within me with your spring.

Straighten my crookedness.

Fill my emptiness.

Dull the edge of my pride.

Sharpen the edge of my humility.

Light the fires of my love.

Quench the flames of my lust.

Let me see myself as you see me.

That I may see you as you have promised me.

And be healed according to your word. Amen.

Amen and Amen.

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