INTELLIGENT DESIGN IV: Words that contain the power of transformation

Contemplation is a process of what happened before. In the case of just one word, if that word is the Word that is made flesh and dwells among us in the Eucharist, these words are not just human in origin but contain the energy of God, as much as we are able to receive it.

I use these special words in my Lectio Divina (Philippians 2:5) sometimes and just wait (mentally and spiritually) for something to happen.

I have adapted my Lectio Divina (Philippians 2:5) over the years. Now, one of the most frequent approaches is to tap into the powerful words of Scripture, those that are gifts from God to help me receive the energy I need each time I touch them to sustain me against the onslaughts of the corruption of society. It is a battle indeed. Two recent YouTube videos gave me shivers when I saw society as a whole crumble in their faith, which means they deteriorate in their values, with the result of the extinction of elements of society. I think of the ten lost tribes of Israel, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Religion Wars that rage on even now, Ukraine, Moral anarchy, political establishment as a god, Israel wandering in the desert for forty years, the Catholic Church tearing itself apart over various teachings, and general disrespect for what it means to be human.

ATHEISM ON THE RISE — Look at the cultural shifts away from God, for whatever belief system. This is indicative of mega trends in the past where humans have lost sight of their purpose. A catastrophe usually happens to bring about the humility needed to get back on track. The San Andreas Fault is not the only geological anomaly that is overdue for a shock. The Adam and Eve Fault which humanity does not seem to remember is a shock in whatever way nature springs back to its intended resonance. I am not an alarmist but I am alarmed that we lack the collective choices to do what is right rather than what is easy.

THE YOUNG ARE LESS RELIGIOUS — I can see it in my own family that Faith, with a few exceptions, seems to stop with my generation (the broken-down, old temples of the Holy Spirit).

All of this points to the trends between God and humans. God wants humans to be what their nature intended, but Original Sin keeps us confused and more animal in our choices than spiritual. In the past, God reminded humans who God is. I think it is about time for a wake-up call from nature.

I have control only over my choices, and even then, Satan has a way of making God seem so superfluous and outdated. It is not without cause that Jesus told us we must take up our crosses daily and follow Him.

In the midst of chaos, there is always redemption. Christ will not leave us orphans, although I think only a remnant of faithful will remain. There are certain words that carry the power of the Holy Spirit. In my Lectio Divina (Philippians 2:5), all I need to do is be in the presence of Christ through Cistercian practices and charisms and WAIT. That’s it. Just wait!

Because these words have been embedded with The Word, they carry the energy of the one who uttered them. My evolution in spirituality is that, where I thought the only place I could be present to God was when I was at the eucharist, eucharistic adoration, Liturgy of the Hours, Lectio Divina, and reading Sacred Scripture, now I eagerly await whatever comes my way in any order. I am present to God, not limited by time, but by my own laziness to have The Christ Principle as my center.


When I touch these words, power flows from God to me, if I am humble and obedient to what God wants me to know. These words are the motivation of The Saints to love others as Christ loved us. These words have power from God for us to assimilate into our hearts and transform us from our false self to our true self.

ABANDONMENT — Abandonment to the will of the Father has always been there in my consciousness (somewhere). Like most things in my early spiritual journey, I knew of them slightly but had no idea of how they fit into reality nor into how I seek God every day purposefully and intentionally. Abandonment is leaving behind everyTHING you have and relying only upon God. This means several things, one of which is a mere human interpretation of the concept of abandonment (leaving something behind that may or may not mean anything).

ASSIMILATION– I like being in the presence of Christ sitting before the Blessed Sacrament and just waiting. Waiting is part of my prayer. Assimilation means “Be it done unto me according to your World.” How that will be is by reducing all the clutter of the world and just waiting. Assimilation is also “capacitas dei” or growing in Christ Jesus.

WAITING — All of these words seem interdependent upon one another. I find that astonishing. Waiting for the Lord is the story of my life. God has been waiting for me since before the beginning of physical time. Each day, I place myself in the presence of God as I am and say, “Here I am, Lord, I come to do your will.”

CAPACITAS DEI — I seek for Christ to increase and me to decrease each day. I wait in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament for energy to flow from God to me. I don’t feel the flow. Each day I must begin my search for God anew, but with an exception. I am more than I was a day ago. My growth is due to Christ and not anything I do. I don’t have the power to do anything other than offer up my freedom to choose and say, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

DYING TO SELF — This process (conversion morae) of putting to death those things that cause my humanity to become more animal than spiritual is not one many who call themselves Christians know about much less do. Dying to self is alien to a world that touts the cult of the individual as being the way, the truth, and the life. The cross on your forehead means to have pledged to die to yourself. Do you? More importantly, do I?

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