Two years ago, this coming month, I made the mistake of sitting down on a park bench in the dead of winter, seeking to be near the heart of Christ and receive energy from the Holy Spirit. All I did was say to the Holy Spirit, “Be it done unto me according to your will.” I received a virtual key that the Holy Spirit told me would unlock the depths of The Christ Principle and open me up to the totality of all that is. My only problem was that I could only process all this with the lifetime of what I learned about the purpose of life contained in the Divine Equation. Each day, I am seated on that park bench in the dead of winter, asking the same question “Open to me the depths of my adoption as a son (daughter) of the Father and allow me to plunge once again into the life-giving Baptismal waters of the way, leading to the truth, so that I might lead a life that is contrary to what the World says is its purpose.” This is the pause that refreshes.

Within this context, I uncovered a more profound (higher) meaning to how The Christ Principle is the key to explaining how all reality fits together as one, even though there are three separate universes (physical, mental, and spiritual). I begin each Lectio Divina session, wherever I am, by reciting over and over my center, “Have in you the mind of Christ Jesus,” then waiting for the Holy Spirit to overshadow my heart. With God’s energy, I dare to move forward with “fear of the Lord” (humility). Waiting patiently in silence and solitude is a key for me to receive The Christ Principle, the only key to unlocking the mysteries of Faith beyond my capacity or capability.

The title of using the Hegelian dialectic to get a way to approach The Christ Principle is itself a mystery. I don’t know much about this synthesis and antithesis or even how it applies, but I share my thoughts, and you make any conclusions that come to your mind. I will share with you what I received.


What is the dialectic approach of Hegel and how might this tool bring insight into the Divine Equation, the six questions about being fully human? Listen to this Youtube on The Hegelian Dialectic and ask yourself how this might apply to looking at the way you view reality.

A Tool of the Mind to Focus on Mental Relationships

With the disclaimer that I am no philosopher nor a theologian, just a broken-down, old Lay Cistercian temple of the Holy Spirit, I make some observations.

Humans differ from animals in that they can reason and make choices without interference.

The choices are outside of us and may be good or bad for us.

God tells us what is good for us as an option for our free choice.

Each individual lives in a bubble of time (seventy or eighty years, if we are strong, according to Psalms), then we die.

Within that time, we use those trials and errors in our lifetime to determine the purpose of life, our purpose within that purpose, what reality looks like, how it all fits together, how to love fiercely, and we know we are going to die, so, now what?

These questions are The Divine Equation. It does not solve who God is but rather who I am as a fulfilled human being.

When I begin to discover what it means to be human, and my destiny, I can do so only with power outside myself and beyond myself. This is the paradigm of God, the spiritual universe is the opposite of what I do as I live in the real world (physical and mental universes).

Baptism is when God accepts me as an adopted son. I must respond by saying “Be it done to me, according to your word.”

I can go on and on with these ideas, but I wanted to share with you the depths into which I plunge each time I do Lectio Divina. This is due to my free will each day that says, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” I abandon my will based on my capacity to do so (capacitas dei). Here is what I want you to do. Go back to the top of this list and reread them, asking yourself how each of these ideas is part of a greater whole. If all of these ideas are one statement, use this one idea as the antithesis statement.

Two universes, physical and mental universe, but one reality.Christ today, yesterday, and tomorrow is the key that expands one reality to three separate functions and persons.Three universes (physical, mental, physical) but one reality.
The physical universe is our visible base for existence.The spiritual universe is the invisible reality we enter voluntarily but must maintain to keep us from slipping back into just two universes (physical and mental).The mental universe is our visible and invisible context for awareness of the physical universe and questioning what we discover.
The world of matter, time, energy, space, natural law, animal, and humans.The world of opposites to what we experience with our science, literature, and human reasoning alone.The world of the mind looks at our base and asks, Why? What? Who? When? How? and So What?
The Law of NatureThe Law of God is to love others as Christ has loved us.The Law of Nature and Laws of Society
All that is.I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.All that is assimilated into my brief time so I can determine purpose.
Its purpose is to be what it is intended to be.Its purpose is to move to a higher level of intelligent progression and fulfill our natureIts purpose is to discover how to love what we can’t see.
AnimalityAdopted sons and daughters of the Father.Rationality
 Kingdom Glory Power
Lectio Divina using the Hegelian dialectic

Remember, these are thoughts from an old guy who wants to be in the presence of Pure Energy and just soak it up.

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