WONDER IF… there is no god, no Jesus Christ, no holy spirit, no resurrection, no afterlife…

Human reasoning is a beautiful attribute that animals don’t share and, as far as we can tell, no one has but our species. I find t interesting that, using what I know of what the purpose of life is, the same reasoning that compels me to have a fierce love of Christ Jesus, also propels me to even raise the possibility that God does not exist, and that all of this religion stuff is the “opium of the people.” In my Lectio Divina (Philippians 2:5), I entertained such thoughts and would like to share them with you.


THEN, atheists do not exist, for how can you have someone for something that is not anything.

THEN, there is no heaven after we die, which means the only meaning we find is what we discover about life, which is not flawed but limited to whatever time we breathe.

THEN, there is no resurrection from the dead and no immortality as adopted sons and daughters of the Father because there is no Father, the source of pure energy, knowledge, love, and service.

THEN, there can be no Church, the living body of Christ on earth, in heaven, and in purgatory, a place of second chances.

THEN, The Ten Commandments do not exist, nor does God speak through Israel and the Prophets about the Messiah.

THEN, I am the center of the universe for whatever time I have on earth, which also happens to be true if I hold that God exists.

THEN, what is true is what I choose to make it, but I am limited by whatever societies or groups of people who have dominant ideas have (mental predators), and I am made to conform or suffer consequences.

THEN, there are only two universes, not three. I am god because no one can tell me differently.

THEN, no one can tell me what is good for my body, what I should believe, who should be my friends, why I am, and the meaning of love.

THEN, I revert to my animal instincts because I want to get as much money, power, authority, and pleasure for pleasure and territory as I can while I live.

THEN, Democrat or Republican platforms become my morality or other anomalies to intelligent human design.

THEN, suicide and euthanasia, abortion of any life, murder, and stealing become amoral. I do what I want when I want.

THEN, there is no sacrifice with love, no loving others as you want to be loved, and no helping others in need.

If there is no god, then by using all those ideas and practices that Jesus left us 2000 years ago, I can have a fulfilled life because The Divine Equation helps me become the human I was destined to be at the end of evolution.


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