OF GODS AND MEN: A Celebration of Love

One of the most impactful movies of my life is that of the martyrdom of the seven monks of Tibhirine (Algeria) in 1996. Here are some of the movies I watch during Lent as a way to lift my consciousness to how others live out their lives trying to live the model Christ left us: to love others, as I have loved you.

Lay Cistercian spirituality, as I understand it, begins each day with me sitting on the bed, eyes cast down, reflecting on my life of repeated missed opportunities to know, love, and serve God and grateful that God loves me despite my constant blustering through life.

Movies are a way to penetrate the silence and solitude of the desert of modern civilization with its wasteland of false prophets and thinking. Christ alone is the way, the truth, and the life, and I must constantly burn away the corruption residing in the world which seeks to hold me back from moving toward incorruptibility.

Here are a series of YouTube and websites that have helped me focus more on Christ and less on me.

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