The Rule of Opposites

This morning, I thought about The Rule of Opposites in my Lectio Divina meditation (Philippians 2:5). You probably have never heard of it. That is because I wrote a book about it called The Three Rules of the Spiritual Universe, and The Rule of Opposites is one of those three. The other two Rules are The Rule of Threes and The Rule of Revolving Centers.

I came up with this idea as a way for me to make sense out of what seemed like a paradox of nature. Using the three-universe hypothesis, I can tease apart reality into its three levels of reality. I share with you my ideas of one reality having three separate universes. You make your conclusions as you see fit.

  1. THE RULE OF THREES Humans have their reason for a reason. The purpose of life is to look at every day with fresh eyes, even if they are sleepy. Those who are spiritual see with three universes, the physical sight,mental enlightenment, and spiritual wisdom. All truth is one, but with three layers or universes, each quite distinct.
  2. THE RULE OF REVOLVING CENTERS Humans are spiritual animals, but animals nevertheless. While in the physical universe, there is a constant battle between the spirit and the flesh. It is only with spiritual
    energy from God that humans can consistently and persistently keep their centers intact. To aid humans, the Master gives us help , both individually and collectively.
  3. THE RULE OF OPPOSITES What may seem true in the physical and mental universe is just the opposite in the spiritual universe. When you are weak, then you are strong. If you wish to be a leader, you must serve all. If you wish to get to Heaven, you must be as a little child. With this rule, you learn to speak spiritually.

I have excerpted much of this blog from my book. My focus will be on The Rule of Opposites for this blog, but two other separate blogs will highlight the two rules.


Luke 1:26-38 tells a story of a young Jewish girl who was told she would be the mother of a child called Son of God. Philippians 2:5-12 also tells how God became one of us, taking on our nature. Let me describe This event in a totally different way. Once, pure energy existed in reality so perfect and complete that it was 100% of its nature. This energy was one person and had three separate identities: pure knowledge, pure love, and pure service. This energy needed no external power from outside but was fueled by the love between them. This is the spiritual universe, one with no space or time. The entity, which we will call God, wanted to share this love with others throughout reality, wherever they may be. The physical universe was created with a single Word but an eternal one. This physical universe evolved to a point where, at least on earth, animal nature could not contain itself any longer. Humans popped out of this temporal womb. The mental universe was born. Many hundreds of years would pass until this entity decided to become one of us to show us how to join them in Heaven. The spiritual universe was born. In our short, human span of life, our purpose is to find the truth and freely choose to join God …Forever. It is our human destiny.

If you wish to gain your life, you must lose it.
This statement doesn’t make sense, does it? You need to use the Rule of Threes to analyze the above statement. When God speaks to us, he ALWAYS speaks to us in the language of the spiritual universe. That is one of the purposes for the Master making himself one of us– to open up the spiritual universe and talk in our language.

Using the word “relationship” in the physical universe may mean the interaction between atoms or gravity and a moon. In the mental universe, the same word can mean the interaction between two persons, married or not. In the spiritual universe, the word “relationship” means, among other things, the direct flow of God’s own energy into two or more fragile human vessels without blowing our circuits. It also means that a relationship is defined according to God’s rules, not yours. Relationship in the mental universe allows you to find your purpose in life. However, if your direction is not aligned with God’s reality, you may lose it. If you are one with pure energy and struggle to keep your head above water, no matter what you do, you will find life…Forever. What doesn’t make sense in human categories is perfect when you think spiritually. Do you know any examples of a person losing their life for the Master’s sake and finding life…Forever? I do. All consecrated religious monks, nuns, and Lay Cistercians, to name a few, must give up the world to possess the next one. What would you give up to possess the love of Christ in you Forever?

Characteristics of The Law of Opposites

You will never be able to prove that God exists using human measurements. You can prove that humans exist. You must use spiritual measures to prove that God exists. Actually, if you are spiritual, you don’t need to prove that God exists at all. If you are not spiritual, it won’t be possible to “convince” someone that there is a force of pure energy out there, more extraordinary than anything we can possibly imagine. It is the Gamaliel paradox. Read Acts 5:34-42. Part of the challenge to find meaning in life is to use the Rule of Opposites to “see” what cannot be seen, to “hear” what cannot be heard. Is this a secret? Far from it. What
is most real is most hidden from humans. We humans have reason to be given a chance to discover this invisible world right in front of us. The Master had to come to show us the way because we missed the point. We kept thinking that what was most real was most visible. Nothing could be further from the truth. A universe of spirituality does not exist in space and time. We have no reference points to comprehend it, yet, it begins inside us. How profound! The Kingdom of Heaven begins with a free choice to join, and it is inside you. Heaven begins now, not later.

What is most real is most hidden.

What could be more profound than a being made of pure energy, one who only lived in a universe, that is, one who did not corrupt nor suffer death? We call God this supreme being for lack of a better name. God gave his name to Moses. Read Exodus 3:13-15. “I am the one who is” or “I am who am” is the business card God gave to Moses. This most simple of life forms, God, is telling humans that he is all there is. In the spiritual universe, God speaks, not with words, but with one mind. In the Christian tradition, God is one but yet three, just as there are three distinct universes, yet one reality. The most simple life form there is simply is. This life form does not have a past, a present, or a future. God now has a problem. How can you ask someone to come to Heaven and live in such an unfamiliar place? That invitation would frighten most of us to death. The Master came to show us how to use our present world as a framework for what we will experience in Heaven once we die. Earth now becomes the Kingdom of Heaven which lies within each of us. This most simple of life forms, God, gave us one of the most complex enigmas facing humans: “What is my destiny, and how will I fit into a universe I cannot see?”

A literalist believes that the words in Holy Scripture are not to be interpreted as meaning anything but that what the Scriptures say is true. The final arbiter of what is true is the individual. It does not matter if someone else reads the same scriptures and comes up with a different conclusion. The Bible is clear and not to be the stuff of debate. They hold that the Scriptures are historically true.

A traditionalist believes that the words in Holy Scripture may be interpreted according to the tradition in which they are set. The traditionalist also holds that you must be born of water and the Spirit. What that means is guided by the tradition of the first 150 years of the church to the present. God is the ultimate judge. Unless a man is born through water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God. John 3:5 John 20:30-31 states the purpose of Scriptures. 30Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of [his] disciples that are not written in this book.s31But these are written that you may [come to] believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that through this belief you may have life in his name.t

A point of debate between literalists and traditionalists is who gets to Heaven. Both groups claim certitude. If both groups are correct, we have a big problem. It is not easy to read the Holy Scriptures. You can not hold both positions at the same time.

The oft-quoted Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” One of the great lessons of life is to learn the meaning of power. A new CEO recently took over a service company that gave its vendors and customers technical assistance. A funny thing happens when CEOs take over.

Everything goes back to zero. I am reminded of one of the two or three sayings in Scripture that evoke horror in my depths when they are read. Exodus 1:8 describes a new Pharoah who came to power and did not know Joesph or his brothers. Everything goes back to zero overnight. The Joseph Factor is named after the biblical character Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers. There is a new paradigm at work until people can figure out which programs favor her and which programs are irrelevant and a waste of time. When you use the word ” power ” in the spiritual universe, things are not what they seem when you use “power.” For the CEO, power is the ability to make systems of the organization change direction. Power for someone who is spiritual means you must be the least 1mportant, the servant of everyone. This is a mindset that says, “I am here to be of service to you.” Unconditional love is the basis of service in the spiritual life. You don’t ask how much it will cost you. You don’t ask how little you can do. You do the maximum. You do this because the Master has given us the template, the model, and the way to eternal life. It is the opposite of what the world prescribes. It is a sign of contradiction.

The Master Came to Make Us Uncomfortable

Read Matthew 10:34-39. The Master told his disciples: “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth; it is not peace I have come to bring, but a sword.” That does not sound like a “gentle and humble of heart,” Master, do you think? Yet, this statement goes to the very heart of why God had to make himself one of us. Read Philippians 2:5-12. Healthy people don’t need a physician. Sick people do. Someone who is at war with themselves and is self-destructive needs your guidance. Humans are destined to be with God. God had to show us how to get it straight. We, humans, we’re doing our “thing,” so to speak. We huddled together in exclusive tribes and said, “No one else is a friend of God except us.” It is the “except us.”

It shows God’s love is unconditional that God had to interrupt time itself to show us that all humans and other rational beings from other worlds are destined to be heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven. The problem is, we humans must constantly fight against our human nature to keep alive at a higher level. We can do it, but not without direct help from the Master through the Holy Spirit. The Master came to make us uncomfortable. Making a choice to be spiritual requires a lifetime of struggle. You need to work to keep centered on Heaven. Heaven is not free, but it is worth any effort you make to get there.


The Kingdom of Heaven uses the Rule of Opposites as default thinking.

Once you enter the spiritual universe, a voluntary act on your part to the invitation from God to be an adopted son or daughter, you are a pilgrim in a foreign land. Your home is to live Forever.

The meek shall inherit the earth. Who is meek? What earth? Remember that God only speaks

When you learn about the Kingdom of Heaven, the opposite is more true than its opposition, the world. The Rule of Opposites allows you to see what you cannot see and to hear what cannot be heard.

What does this have to do with your center? EVERYTHING! The world does not have the energy to lift you up to eternal life. Only Christ has that power and wishes to share it with us.

You have a choice. You can be guided by the Spirit or guided by self-indulgence. If you are
guided by the Spirit, the results will be seen by all. Read Galatians 5:22-24.

Learn to use The Rule of Opposites to re-center yourself on what is important and avoid
self-indulgence. Knowing that God is the kingdom, the power, and the glory places us in our rightful place according to our nature. We choose resonance rather than dissonance.

The Rule of Opposites makes sense out of what does not seem logical to our human reasoning. All humans want to be immortal, yet everything around us has a beginning and an end. How can this be? If we are immortal, what will this condition of existence look like, feel like? Jesus is the Messiah to lead us to fulfill our destiny as humans, the end phase of our evolution from animal instincts. It is an end with no end and a beginning that is its own ending. “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says Christ. Without The Christ Principle, all of this is “…folly for the gentiles and a stumbling block for the Jews.”

Practically, as one who lives in the world but does not draw energy from it, I use the Rule of Threes every time I read human words. I think of three universes and how reality is vastly more complex than imagined. St. Thomas Aquinas has a famous line that goes something like, “Everything I have learned about God is so much staw compared to who God really is.” For me, in this final stage of existence, I have given up trying to prove God’s existence to anyone. Instead, I am content to sit on a park bench in the middle of Winter and be next to the heart of Christ. In silence and solitude, in stillness and resonance with all around me. This is profound joy, the joy that the world cannot give. This is how God communicates knowledge, love, and service to me and through me to those around me. I just am until I am one in, with, and through Christ Jesus.


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