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January 1, 2022, those who gather together to celebrate the death of the Lord until he comes again in glory (Eucharistic Prayer) do so by venerating The Blessed Mother, Mary, Mother of God. Just as the phrase “Mother of God” is misunderstood in its meaning, so too, praying to Mary is always taken out of context by those who don’t know what the Church actually teaches. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up yourself and make your own conclusions.

I watched the YouTube of a panel of Protestants debating among themselves on how Catholics worship Mary and the Saints and how this is a perversion of the Bible. There was a time I used to get very angry at this type of pseudo-debate. Now, I consider this view so far from the truth that I don’t even consider it getting worked up about. I liken it to how I feel about the political parties and their lack of debate on subjects that people really care about in favor of personality assassination.

There is a good side to listening to people who don’t know what the Church teaches about Mary and the Saints. I have converted again to what I consider my heritage from Christ as handed down through ages of sinful men and women. Here are my thoughts about Mary and the Saints.

Mary is not the biological mother of God. She is the biological mother of Jesus, the Christ (Son of God).

Mary does not have a divine nature despite being overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. She has the fulness of what humans can receive in grace from God to prepare her to be the new Ark of the Covenant, a receptacle for the One whom physical and mental reality cannot contain. Mary has only human nature but is unique because God’s grace filled up her mind and heart so much that not a drop more could be placed in the cup of her life.

Having been overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, Mary responded in profound humility with the prayer we say as the Magnificat.

Mary is the Mother of the Church as she is the mother of Jesus, the Christ.

We don’t adore Mary or the Saints. They are, however, in God’s Hall of Fame, housed in Heaven. These are our role models to love Jesus with all our hearts, minds, and strength, plus loving our neighbor as ourselves. Deuteronomy 6:5 and Matthew 22:36

Catholics worship God only, not Mary, nor the Saints, especially those Catholic in Name Only (CINO), and make false statements they know are not true.

When you go to Eucharist Adoration, Mary and the Saints sit next to you in silent adoration of the Lamb of God. The object of any prayers from us goes only to God. Only God has the energy and mercy to allow us to be adopted as ones who carry the sign of contradiction on our hearts, the cross. It is impossible for Mary or any of the Saints to be the object of our prayers. That would be idolatry. It is also idolatry that Catholics worship Mary, a theological impossibility.

We are encouraged to ask the Blessed Mother and the Saints to join us in prayers and intercession to Jesus. Only Jesus can approach the Father with our prayers and those of Mary and the Saints to join us in glory and praise.

It is a joy and source of humility to know that God overshadowed one of our race to prepare humanity for the Messiah. We are so honored that our only response can be “Thank you.”


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