One of those traits humans have is to judge the many by the one. There is a pedophile priest, so therefore all priests must be bad. There is a corrupt cop, so we should defund the police. We humans are creatures of the moment. We erect monuments to our heroes only to tear them down later when a new fad thinking becomes the rage. Isn’t there a core of humans’ values against which we can measure ourselves to tell what is right or wrong? Yes and No. Yes, there is one immutable set of principles against which all reality is measured, but it gets complicated. Where do these rules or laws of nature and of humanity originate? Is immutability random?

When I hold that there are three universes (the physical, the mental, and the spiritual), not everyone agrees with my reasoning or assumptions. These assumptions form the bedrock against what I think makes sense (at least to me). From these assumptions, I formulate principles, those core thoughts that form the basis of how I look at reality. A core principle is one that, if I took it away, all others depend on their value and so would not make sense. I call this center The Christ Principle because there can not be three separate universes (physical, mental, and spiritual) without measuring reality. Not everyone can see The Christ Principle in their lives, either because they don’t know it is there or, if they do know it is there, they reject the concept because they have no idea about the assumptions underlying its existence.

I have come to the realization that there is such a thing as the Divine Equation, composed of six progressive levels of awareness, and which form the basis of what I consider The Art of Contemplative Practice. This Divine Equation is itself a conundrum because it does not solve the equation of who God is but does address who I am and what it means to exist in a condition where there is fallout from the residue of The Original Sin of Adam that still contaminates our collective and individual reasoning and choices we make based on that reasoning. Both the questions and the answers for the Divine Equation come from a source outside of my arena of knowledge. Here are the six segments of the Divine Equation that I must identify and answer correctly to move to the next level of human evolution.

  • What is the purpose of all life?
  • What is your purpose within that purpose?
  • What does reality look like?
  • How does it all fit together?
  • How to love fiercely?
  • You know you are going to die, now what?

The Christ Principle is the only way that I have found to measure human experiences so that they somewhat describe (not define) the spiritual universe. This tool is to love others as Christ loved us. St. Benedict sought to provide a Rule for people to use human emotions and reasoning to link to God’s unknowingness. Read Chapter 4 of his Rule to see what I mean. https://christdesert.org/rule-of-st-benedict/chapter-4-the-tools-for-good-works/

Let me share with you some of the ideas that have percolated in my mind due to my Lectio Divina meditations.

Woah! As they say in Indiana, “Thems might big words for a pipsqueak.” About two years ago, at a Gathering Day presentation by one of the monks to Lay Cistercians at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery (Trappist), he told us God was male. Of course, I knew that was incorrect, theologically. God is not male or female. God has human male and female characteristics, but God is neither. God’s nature is pure energy, pure knowledge, pure love, and pure service. God leaves his fingerprints on anything God touches.

The Holy Spirit gave me some ideas to ponder (it seems I ponder a lot these days). I share them with you, and you can draw your own conclusions.


We call the Father the creator of life. God’s DNA (to use a human example) permeates matter, time, space, energy from the beginning to the end. The progression (evolution) moves from birth to death in everything physical, mental, and spiritual universes. This is natural corruption or evolvement from simplicity to complexity. Here are six instances that I reflected on where God did something extraordinary.

Characteristics of Birth or Creation

Only someone outside our human nature could have the energy to move each segment to a higher level (or give birth to a new paradigm).

We have neither the capacity nor the capability to comprehend who God is or how what makes up God, except for Christ, the Christ Principle.

Birth means going from life to life, not from nothingness to more complex.

This progression happens automatically, just like human DNA.

Before, there was reality, and now there is a more refined and developed evolution on the macro scale. We are moving towards something, be it trillions of years in the future or not.

God’s DNA infuses matter, space, and time with resonance. Humans cause dissonance because of their sins.

FIRST BIRTH: The nothingness of God created everything we can comprehend. The law is a natural progression to become what it has been destined with God’s DNA.

SECOND BIRTH: From this birth come another birth, that of living matter. The law is that of nature with all life, including humans living on this level. Humans share the traits of all living things. (Physical Universe)

THIRD BIRTH: From this birth of animality come a birth into rationality. Rationality is not powerful enough to raise us up to the level of humans possessing reason and the freedom to choose what they reason as good for them. The law here becomes murky as humans scramble into factions and individuals who possess reason and the power to choose. Not everything humans choose will allow the third birth to take place.

FOURTH BIRTH: This birth is a result of choice with two levels. First, God chooses all humans to have the potential to move to their destiny and be with God forever. Secondly, each human must accept the invitation to become an adopted son or daughter and follow the one rule: love others as Christ loved us. This birth is the Incarnation and ends with the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ back to the Father as one who “became sin for us, even though he knew no sin.”

FIFTH BIRTH: Humans only live for seventy or eighty years if they are strong, says the Psalmist. This is the birth of the Holy Spirit for those who call Jesus Lord. Christ is the vine, and we are the branches in each age, within the scope of the time I live on earth as an individual. My response is an individual one but takes place in a gathering of those who believe. Christ is the living head, and we are living members of His body. The measuring stick is good works that come from each of us loving God with our whole heart, our whole mind, and our whole strength, and our neighbor as ourselves. Salvation is by faith in the Christ Principle.

SIXTH BIRTH: Each birth depends on and builds on the one before it. This birth is my individual baptism and reception of the Holy Spirit. Just as some scientists say we are made with “star stuff,” we inherit a continuity of reality from God’s DNA imprinted into my individual DNA. God’s DNA propels all humanity, and me, to reach its intended purpose, one that causes our souls to be restless and relentless in our heart’s quest for resonance, invisible one.

The problem with invisibility is you can’t see it. Did you ever think about invisibility? Not many people do. The very fact that you can even bring up such an esoteric topic for study means you have something that the strongest hypernova or the biggest star, Stephenson 2-12, does not have, i.e., you know that you know. You can seek a way to describe God’s DNA or how all of this reality makes sense and fits together. But, not all humans, even if they have reason and the freedom to choose what they believe, can choose the correct Divine Equation. It comes down to the choices I make, those done freely and resulting from what I think is good for me. In this light, I offer what I consider some thoughts about the yardstick I use to measure reality in three distinct universes, all one.


  1. If there are three separate universes, all existing together simulaneously, each one distinct with their own characteristics and measurements, we are not able to measure one universe with the yardsticks from another universe. I had a dickins of a time trying to force science and philosophy and religion together, never actually able to compact them together so they would make sense to me.
  2. The late Jesuit Philosopher/Theologian/Paleontologist, Teilhard de Chardin has proposed a systamtic approach to the progression of time, matter, energy, and humanity which I find compelling enough to use it as the base of my thinking in this matter.
  3. Measuring seems like it is objective and without controversy, yet, when I try to measure that which is invisible or mental, it falls into the cauldron of choices. My hypotheses are that each of the three universes has it own characteristics, all build on the previous universe (physical as base, mental as tool to open up the spiritual universe and make sense out of invisible reality), each one has its separate yardstick for measurement. The first universe

THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE: MATTER TAKES ON THE CHARACTERISTICS FROM WHICH IT EMANATED. This first universe is the base on which we find ourselves, quite fragile in the scope of who we are and where we are. Humans, all living beings, would not exist unless the conditions were just right. We are not the most powerful objects in this universe, but we have one thing that a hypernova does not. We can know its existence and characteristics, but it does not know who we are. The laws that govern this universe (which includes humans before they received reason and free will) result from the DNA of God impressed upon all that is. Why is that?

THE MENTAL UNIVERSE: THE EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Awareness is one of the characteristics of human nature. We know that we know. From all that I can gather up that makes sense to me, humans evolved from those before us and their consciousness of their surroundings. It would be impossible to make the jump from animal DNA to human DNA, so God’s DNA imprint helps us make the jump from animality to rationality. As we become more and more aware of how to use our reasoning and free will, we experience the unintended consequences of being human, i.e., the dark side of choosing what we think is good for us but will actually impede our maturation to the next level of our natural selection and progression, which we call evil or sin. The book of Genesis is a mythic series of stories about how people interpreted God’s DNA to affect what it means to be human. Life continues to assimilate those choices which propel us forward through science, philosophical and psychological thinking. It is a minefield of potentially disastrous steps to walk the path of our destiny, one paved with God’s own DNA. We measure this universe, the one we observe, with languages we form (French, mathematics, chemistry, psychological systems of why we do, poetry, literature, religion without God).

I hold that there are six thresholds we all go through in our lives at various times and in unique situations that describe (not define) who we are using reason and our freedom to choose whatever we want as our center. The laws that govern this mental universe are complicated. They come from within ourselves, and even if love is the ultimate measure of a person’s worth, these laws are human and do not possess the energy of themselves to propel us to the next level of our maturation. This universe is different from the physical universe, which is more resonant with what is because of the choices that each individual or groups of individuals say are the laws humans must follow. There must be a way to save us from just being locked into this thinking forever. The Spiritual Universe can be entered only with the Divine Equation using a measurement that does not make sense to the world or humanity’s languages. This is a power outside of each of us. We have reason to be aware of how to harness the power of God’s DNA to lift us up to the next level of our existence, the Kingdom of Heaven.

THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE: THE DIVINE EQUATION. Life is not a problem nor a puzzle but rather the opportunity to be present in reality as it passes us by and discover purpose and how to love authentically. Human love is good but it is not linked to the next level of our evolution, becoming adopted sons and daughters of the one whose DNA we bear. The awareness we inherited from the mental universe is what we use to move to the next level of our human evolution, the one that makes all things new, the one that makes sense out of the chaos of wrong choices and correct human activity, the measuring stick for what is both visible and invisible.

God gifted us by sharing His own energy, as much as we can tolerate, to become pilgrims in a foreign land until we can reach our destiny. In fact, God’s boot camp is our time here on earth where we can use our special gifts to see Jesus, our Christ Principle, and how we become transformed more and more into what our destiny will be in Heaven, and less and less of what I am now on earth.

The yardstick for this is Jesus, the Messiah, one who saved us from merely being products of corruption (not moral corruption but physical) that has a beginning and an ending. This yardstick told us that there is only one measurement, and it is unique to each of us. It is to love each other as Christ loved us. There is love in the mental universe but what makes this love different is it is our destiny from the Garden of Eden, it is the sign of contradiction that paradox of the cross, the importance of letting our light shine to those around us so that others see where it came from and glorify the Father.

The Divine Equation has nothing to do with solving the Mystery of Faith or determining what makes up God. Still, it does mean that, if we try to solve it, we must use God’s DNA (formulae) to find out what it means for us to be human and move to the next level of our evolution, one that makes no sense to the world or is a stumbling block to those who see the Messiah as just the property of one nationality.

The Divine Equation is about my awareness to answer the questions that are core to my being human (no matter who it is) and getting answers from power and energy outside of myself.

MY UNIVERSE OF SEVENTY OR EIGHTY YEARS: So, I woke up (it took me about fifty years), looked around me, and wondered, How did all this happen and what is it for me? The measuring stick or yardstick I use is the one that informed the choices I have made throughout my lifetime. I can use the scientific yardstick of the mental universe with the languages that explain matter and energy, what makes them tick, and how I can use them in my life. Still, the problem is that I can’t explain invisible reality beyond the physical and mental universes of the world in which I live. There must be an additional yardstick, one outside of myself, one not dependent upon matter and energy of the world that I can see and measure.

Being human means that we are the center of reality for the time we have from birth to death. We discover in that time framework we do with reason, free choices, and the sum of all our choices, good or bad. As crazy as it seems to me, I am destined to be here within my lifespan of seventy or eighty years for a purpose. What I choose is who I am. I don’t want to revert to being an animal in my nature but move to the next level of my evolution, but that requires me to make a choice that only I can make. That choice to become an adopted son or daughter of the Father has consequences. I must choose a power outside of myself to discover the energy that can uplift me to the next universe, the spiritual one.

This universe begins on earth and culminates in a permanent state of love with God…forever. Jesus, our teacher, came to tell us how to prepare ourselves to use the contradictions of the world to help us walk through the minefields of false choices and broken promises from this or that ideology. Only one answer to the Divine Equation does not come from science, philosophy, psychology, literary fiction, or fantasy. It comes from the Christ Principle. Not everyone will see this solution, much less know the questions that lead us to fulfill the destiny designed from the beginning of our humanity.

Here are some thoughts about our purpose from a broken-down, old temple of the Holy Spirit

Our hearts are restless until they rest in you. –St. Augustine

Due to our reason, the choices we have are either from the world or from the Christ Principle.

The world nor humanity nor humans are bad or evil in their nature, but they are flawed and sinful as they try to make choices they think are suitable for themselves in their behaviors. God’s DNA within each one of us does not create what is bad or evil for us. It results from choices we have to do what is easy and pleasurable or what is right and consistent with the reside of sin leftover from Original Sin.

Free will means I am not a bad person but saved by Faith (God’s energy in me to say I made a mistake and move to amend my life {conversion}). God knows I am flawed and loves me anyway because that love is unconditional. In living only in the Physical and Mental universes, I am powerless to lift myself up to the next level of the spiritual covenant with God. One of the benefits of being a Lay Cistercian is my realization that none of this power comes from me. I do have power, however, but it is to place myself in the presence of pure energy (God) in humility, silence, solitude, stillness, the Cistercian practices of Lectio Divina, Eucharist, Eucharistic Adoration, Reading Scripture, and just be present to the one I love and seek to have expanded my self (capacitas dei). The Christ Principle allows me to become what was intended for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but beginning right now as I am alive but continues after life ends.

The measuring stick of the spiritual universe is me and how well I have in me the mind of Christ Jesus while I am breathing. I am the proof that God exists within one reality yet three distinct persons. I can only do that in, with, and through the daily conversion of my heart to become more like the one I love, as I perceive it. The brilliance of the Church is that it is a collection of all those who believe (and God judges those who do not) and share the Holy Spirit with each other. There are five levels of spiritual awareness that I use for my growing deeper in Christ. In terms of the growth and maturation of my Faith, I am more and more aware that growth is not one day being more grace-filled than the last day, which is horizontal growth. Instead, the growth I seek is seeking God each day and growing in place, or vertical growth deeper at the moment.

I bring into my center the Christ Principle, the North on my compass, my one principle upon which all others depend for their vitality and resolution. None of this costs money, but it does mean I have to die to self and reliance on the world as my solution to the meaning of life. It is the sign of contradiction, the cross that is the measure I will be measured. It is being bruised and beaten down by the energy of the world, sapping my spiritual energy.


As I reflected on my center (Philippians 2:5).

Who has known the mind of God? Who has been his counselor?

I don’t deserve God’s love. I don’t deserve being an adopted son (or daughter) of the Father, but I am, thanks to God’s grace.

All I can return is to be in the presence of the heart of Christ and say “Thank you,” over and over again. It is the one thing God does not have, my gratitude.

The Divine Equation is divine because only God can provide the authentic questions and answers to what it means to be human. The Divine Equation is not about God at all but is about how I discover why I act the way I do. There are six questions (so far) that I have found I must ask and answer before I die. The Christ Principle answers the human heart’s longing to know who, why, what, where and how I must love others as Christ loved us.

I try to place myself in the presence of God (prayer) in many different ways because each way, each day, I encounter the Christ Principle, the person I love to be with, and the one who fulfills my humanity as intended in the Garden of Eden.

The measurements of the physical universe are natural laws. The measurements of the mental universe all seek to measure both the physical and the mental universe in terms of human languages (science, medicine, psychology, philosophy, literature) to determine what the world thinks is acceptable thinking and behavior. In the spiritual universe, accessible only through Faith and belief, the one rule is to love others as Christ loved us. The Christ Principle is the key to meaning that unlocks the meaning to all three universes and allows them to compliment each other. There is only one reality, yet three separate universes, dependent upon each other and designed to allow me to make a choice that is a sign of contradiction and beyond my pay grade. With Christ, all things are possible.

Glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. The God who is, who was, and who will be at the end of the ages.

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