GOD’S DNA: Six times God gave birth

Woah! As they say in Indiana, “Thems might big words for a pipsqueak.” About two years ago, at a Gathering Day presentation by one of the monks to Lay Cistercians at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery (Trappist), he told us God was male. Of course, I knew that was incorrect, theologically. God is not male or female. There are human male and female characteristics in God but God is neither. God’s nature is pure energy, pure knowledge, pure love, and pure service. God leaves his fingerprints on anything God touches.

The Holy Spirit gave me some ideas to ponder (it seems I ponder a lot these days). I share them with you, and you can draw your own conclusions.


We call the Father the creator of life. God’s DNA (to use a human example) permeates matter, time, space, energy from the beginning to the end. The progression (evolution) moves from birth to death in everything physical, mental, and spiritual universes. This is natural corruption or evolvement from simplicity to complexity. Here are six instances that I reflected on where God did something extraordinary.

Characteristics of Birth or Creation

Only someone outside our human nature could have the energy to move each segment to a higher level (or give birth to a new paradigm).

We have neither the capacity nor the capability to comprehend who God is or how what makes up God, except for Christ, the Christ Principle.

Birth means going from life to life, not from nothingness to more complex.

This progression happens automatically, just like human DNA.

Before there was reality, and now there is a more refined and developed evolution on the macro scale. We are moving towards something, be it trillions of years in the future or not.

God’s DNA infuses matter, space, and time with resonance. Humans cause dissonance because of their sins.

FIRST BIRTH: The nothingness of God created everything we can comprehend. The law is a natural progression to become what it has been destined with God’s DNA.

SECOND BIRTH: From this birth come another birth, that of living matter. The law is that of nature with all life, including humans living on this level. Humans share the traits of all living things. (Physical Universe)

THIRD BIRTH: From this birth of animality come a birth into rationality. Rationality is not powerful enough to raise us up to the level of humans possessing reason and the freedom to choose what they reason as good for them. The law here becomes murky as humans scramble into factions and individuals who possess reason and the power to choose. Not everything humans choose will allow the third birth to take place.

FOURTH BIRTH: This birth is a result of choice with two levels. First, God chooses all humans to have the potential to move to their destiny and be with God forever. Secondly, each human must accept the invitation to become an adopted son or daughter and follow the one rule: love others as Christ loved us. This birth is the Incarnation and ends with the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ back to the Father as one who “became sin for us, even though he knew no sin.”

FIFTH BIRTH: Humans only live for seventy or eighty years if they are strong, says the Psalmist. This is the birth of the Holy Spirit for those who call Jesus Lord. Christ is the vine, and we are the branches in each age, within the scope of the time I live on earth as an individual. My response is an individual one but takes place in a gathering of those who believe. Christ is the living head, and we are living members of His body. The measuring stick is good works that come from each of us loving God with our whole heart, our whole mind, and our whole strength, and our neighbor as ourselves. Salvation is by faith in the Christ Principle.

SIXTH BIRTH: Each birth depends on and builds on the one before it. This birth is my individual baptism and reception of the Holy Spirit. God presses his DNA into my soul and leaves a mark in its place, the sign of the cross. Don’t worry about who is going to heaven for those in the Church, and let God be merciful to those outside the Church. Only through the Church is there salvation. Why? Because, after death, all there is in heaven and purgatory is the Church. I don’t know how this is done precisely, but I hope to find out later.


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