Here are some thoughts which I find compelling and merit deeper reflection.

  • A religion that is not made up of sinful people (all of them) is not worth the cost of Christ’s death and resurrection.
  • I find it difficult to explain how a Church composed of sinful people can have Christ without sin as the head. The sign of contradiction is the cross, not the easy path that caters to our whims and what makes us happy.
  • I can choose what is easy in life or what is right, and what is right always comes at a high price.
  • All humans are redeemed by the blood of Christ on the cross. All humans have a choice to have in them the mind of Christ Jesus or not. (Philippians 2:5)
  • Scientific methodology is not a competition or opposition to the love God has for each human. Rather, it seeks to perfectly describe the physical universe using the mental universe and our human capabilities. The spiritual universe uses the opposite measurements to approach the mystery of the next level of human evolution, spiritual apes, or being heirs of the kingdom of heaven.
  • Life can only come from a higher form of life.
  • People who confuse the right to life with the right to have the freedom to choose what is right are self-delusional.
  • All people are saved by the blood of Christ, who died as a ransom for many. Not all people will make it to heaven, but only because they refuse to believe. All Catholics do not believe in the real presence. Those who do will be saved. Others will go to Purgatory to get a second chance to repent for their lack of belief.
  • When Christ forgives sin through the priest, sins are forgiven, but the consequences of sin still haunt the depths of our being. The penitent man or woman reflects on their sinfulness as long as they live and asks for God’s mercy.
  • No book can lead you closer to Christ, and the Scripture brings Christ closer to you, not the other way around.


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