One of the great delights of my later years has to do with writing down what the Holy Spirit tells me. Again, I don’t speak for the Holy Spirit, but hopefully, the Holy Spirit speaks to me if I am humble enough. So far, so good.

One of the blessings of just being open to the possibility of the manifestibility of the Holy Spirit is the absolute uncertainty of what will enter my mind and my heart. EACH DAY, all I have to do is seek God and listen “with the ear of the heart,” as St. Benedict tells his monks in the Rule.

I have found the URL from AZ quotes very helpful in thinking about life. Various authors have given us snippets of wisdom to think about. Here are some quotes that I have found helpful in my meditations.

Whenever the hatred and confusion of political parties and the steady corruption of the human spirit with the vanities of the world, I just take a tumble through the wisdom of these men and women and become re-energized. Do not overcome evil with evil, but overcome evil with good. These days of the constant bombardment of the forces of those who would have us do what is easy rather than right, we must keep our eyes on the Christ Principle, our North in the Compass of Humanity, that from which and to which all reality flows.


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