In my search for God each day, I do a lot of “What Iffing.” I should refine that statement to say, “In my search for God each day, when I use only the world as my center (money, fame, fortune, adulation, pleasure, being god, thinking that I am the center of the universe), I can’t lift myself up to the next level of our evolution, that of the spiritual universe, by my own power. I don’t have that kind of energy.

In Baptism, God chooses me and lifts me up from my rationality to that of an adopted son (daughter) of the Father. God has the power (Faith) and I concur (Belief) each day. In particular, I use the Cistercian practices and charisms as part of my way to see Jesus every day in many ways that hitherto were there, but I just was not aware of them.

Christ came to give us a way to give praise and glory to the Father through Him. By ourselves, no one approaches the Father, at least no human can give adequate glory because we just don’t have the capacity nor the capability to give God divine glory. Only Christ can do that because he is the Messiah, having both divine and human natures.

Having human reasoning and the ability to choose what I reason is good for me, I am defined by the choices (or lack of them) as I race through the inexorable journey of humanity from Alpha to Omega, from that which has a beginning to that which has an end, to Heaven.

My “What iffing” comes into play when I ask questions along the pathways of my life about what is central to all that is. When I have in me the mind of Christ Jesus as My Christ Principle (Philippians 2:5), I don’t have to worry about anything. This is seeking first the kingdom of heaven right now, and then all things follow in the appropriate order. Here are three examples:

What if…a meteorite was to fall on earth and take out nearly all life forms? It doesn’t matter.

What if…your friends call you names for being a follower of Jesus in the Catholic Church? It doesn’t matter.

What if…someone tells you to join the Taliban or they will cut off your head? It doesn’t matter (this one is the ultimate sacrifice).

The only thing that matters is the Christ Principle. All is contained in that one center.


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