I have compiled a list of several things I want to accomplish before I move realities. Here they are in no order of importance. I have a bucket list (hopefully one without holes.) Do you remember the song about the hole in the bucket?

  1. Each day, as I begin my day with the sign of the cross on my forehead, offer it for the honor and glory of God and in reparation for my sins.
  2. Each day, I write down my three or four mini-Lectio Divina sessions with the Holy Spirit on my blog.
  3. Each day, I read Chapter 4 of the Rule of St. Benedict with the hope that I might become what I read.
  4. Each day, I seek God wherever I am and as I am.
  5. Fix my residence with senior aides for railings and bathroom fixtures from VA.
  6. Decide to live in this residence until I expire.
  7. Install a solar panel roof to make us energy independent.
  8. Continue to be a part of the Lay Cistercians of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery (Trappist) as long as I am lucid (hopefully for a long time).
  9. Attend my Class of 1966 reunion this year at Brown County State Park, Indiana, on August 3-5, 2021.
  10. Complete the manuscripts for the following books:
  11. The Art of Contemplative Practice (50% completed)
  12. The Divine Equation (98% completed)
  13. The Five Storey Church (30% completed)

One of the things that keep my mind from atrophying is to write down my Lectio Divina experiences so that you might read them. Whatever I link to the honor and glory of God, I can take with me to heaven, be it a sunset, the fresh smell of rain, the relationships I make along the way.

Pray for me through, with, and in Christ to the glory of the Father.


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