At some obscure part of my brain, probably the frontal lobe, I had recalled the topic of “a data dump”, meaning that I just get a bunch of random thoughts. It is something like taking a drink of water from an open fire hydrant. I just had one of those in my Lectio Divina this week. Here are the results that I can recall.

Mud thrown is ground you lose.

The wages of sin are death, meaning a slow atrophying of the spirit.

There is no such thing as sinning freely because you know God is going to dump grace all over you (like the Sherman-Williams globe logo covered by paint).

With free will comes choice. With choice comes the responsibility to use your reason to choose wisely. Choosing wisely means you accept the consequences of those actions which are dissonant with God. Forgiveness and reconciliation is reestablishing resonance with God. Christ is the template, the Christ Principle, that makes all things new.

The four epochs of time are:

  • physical time: from the beginning of the physical reality to the end of physical reality, including all matter, time, energy, and life forms (including humans)
  • mental time: from the beginnings of rationality to the end of the human species
  • spiritual time: from the Resurrection and Ascension moment of Christ to forever
  • my spiritual time: from when God accepted me as son (daughter) of the Father and I responded, “Be it done to me, according to your Word,” until forever with Christ in Heaven.

The conditions for a sin to be mortal are that a) It must be a moral sin b) You must know it is wrong. c) You must willingly perform the behavior. To go to hell, you must know what Hell is all about, then, you must choose Satan over God.

No one goes to Hell unless they choose to do so.

Hell’s punishment will be multiple. One main one, is that the Devil will laugh in your face (forever) about how you could have had it all but turned it down. The Devil’s laugh is scorn and derision plus disrespect that you were an adopted son or daughter of the Father and chose something as horrible as Himself. Enter into your Lord’s hatred, he will say to you.

The Holy Spirit warns me of playing God games. These are “My God can beat your God,” and “If you don’t fit into what I think Scripture says about salvation, you are going to Hell.”

I am not the one who will judge if people go to Heaven. God is the judge. Heaven is His playground and he can select anyone He wants to play in it.

Contemplation means reflecting on moving away from your false self to your true self by looking for the presence of Christ in the silence of your heart.

Original sin means we don’t keep our focus on being focused on Christ without sustained help. It takes effort to be spiritual. Spirituality is doing what is right, according to the instructions that God gave us through Christ.

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