I have been captivated to the point of binging on some YouTube videos of science that probes into the future and what human might look like in 4000+ years. As hyped up as I am about the shows, it occurred to me to step back and ask one question: With all the advances that this program touted for the future of humanity, with space flights to other worlds, hyperdrives and speed of light travel, mining asteroids and other moons, and colonizing space, how about Original Sin? Will humans take that with them? Will there be only good and righteous people colonizing whatever is out there, or do the seven deadly sins exist even in space? Will there be Lay Cistercians in those star travelers who must move from their false self to their true self? Reality should be viewed from three dimensions in the future: physical reality, mental reality, but most importantly spiritual reality. That in all things may God be glorified. –St. Benedict

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