Here is an opportunity to solve the Divine Equation. All humans, from Adam and Eve onward must solve the Divine Equation correctly to be admitted into the next phase of their human evolution (from non-life to life; from life to animality; from animality to rationality; from rationality to spirituality). Can you solve it? Here are some assumptions about this equation which may help describe the context.

  • The divine equation is a set of six statements (questions to be answered, if you prefer) about the results of your seventy or eighty years on this earth.
  • Both the questions as well as the answers come from outside our human time and experience. How do you know there are only six and what the answers are? Someone told me. Who told you? Some outside our human time and experience yet one who has both divine and human nature.
  • To solve this equation, the person taking it must be totally free to use whatever knowledge or experiences they have encounted in their lifetime.
  • There is only one correct answer but there are no consequences for getting it wrong.
  • The six questions must be answered in sequence and depend upon the answer you give before it.
  • All six answers must be completed before you die, but the purpose these questions is to help you fulfill your destiny as a human and begin to prepare for the next step in your evolution.
  • You have the answers before you and can use the individual resources of your reason and your freedom to choose whatever you wish to place as your answers.

You become what you answer in these six questions.

To answer these six questions, you must use the resources of the physical universe (what is), the mental universe (why is it?) and the spiritual universe (the solution to all six questions that fulfill human destiny).

You answer these six questions in the remaining time you have left. When your physical body dies, you will be graded by the one who gave both the six questions and the correct response. There is only one truth, one way, and one life to answer these six questions authentically.

  1. You have until you die to determine what answers are authentic and correct.
  2. You can change your selection at any time.
  3. You write the answers not on paper (although I do provide you with a learning aide) but in your heart.
  4. The answers must be short, such as a phrase, a drawing, a poem, or a quote from Scripture.
  5. You must be humble and obedience to reason and free will outside of yourself to begin to answer the questions. You must believe in a power greater than you, outside of yourself. (like Alcoholics Anonymous)
  6. You may ask for help, if you know who to ask that has the correct answers.
  7. There is no punishment for selecting and maintaining the wrong answer, but there are consequences for whatever you choose (you become what you choose).

QUESTION ONE: What is the purpose of life?

QUESTION TWO: What is your purpose of life within that purpose of life?

QUESTION THREE: What does reality look like?

QUESTION FOUR: How does it all fit together?

QUESTION FIVE: How do you love fiercely?

QUESTION SIX: You know you are going to die, now what?

There you have it.

I wrote several books on this topic.

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