During our Gathering Day for Lay Cistercians of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery (Trappist) last month, new Lay Cistercian novices were asked to profess their desire to enter the Novitiate while old novices were asked to make one year promises to be faithful to the Lay Cistercian covenants as Juniors. I am always impressed with the way the Holy Spirit speaks through each of us.

Our topic of discussion was based on Thomas Merton’s book, The Waters of Siloe, Chapter XII.
“The question was: Merton Writes, “Everything in the Cistercian life, every detail of the Rule of St. Benedict, was ordered and interpreted and understood in relation to that one end: perfect union with god (Page 208). What do you think “Perfect union with God” means? How would you describe it to someone? To a child?”

This question about explaining it to a child is one that made me think. Here is what I share with my Lay Cistercian colleagues. I don’t know with perfect union with God is intellectually. This is due to who God is and the tools I have to reach a perfect union. I would talk to a child as a mother would(or the child in each of us) using this language.

Come and sit on my lap and let’s talk. You were asking about how you know God loves you. Let me show you. It is cold outside, don’t you think? I love you so much, that I can’t even express it. That is how God feels. He uses me and your dad to show you how much He cares about you. When I think of how much God loves me, I think of the both of us sitting here in the rocking chair and God wraps both of us in a warm blanket of love, the kind of blanket that is toasty warm. I have a cozy feeling when I feel God’s arms wrapped around me like I do with you. God tells me not to worry about anything. He will take care of me so that I can take care of both of us. That love from God is such a good feeling that I want it to continue forever. It will and it does.

May it be so.


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