May you experience the joy of Christ being raised from the dead as did the Apostles and followers on that moment in time that opened to our adoption as sons and daughters of the Father. Although this event happened or didn’t happen, if you should be one of those who do not believe Jesus is Son of God, Savior, all reality is now centered around the Christ Principle as purpose and meaning for humans. Humans now had the opportunity to reach another plateau of their natural progression, that of fulfilling the failed attempt of Adam and Eve to be friends of God and heirs of His Kingdom. The Kingdom of Heaven is the result of Christ taking on our human nature, becoming sin, as St. Paul says, the ransom for many, the way, the truth, and the life. All we individuals, who only live seventy or eighty years, if we are strong, have to do is enter this kingdom of heaven on earth using our free will and sustain ourselves against the minefields set out to entangle us in our own weaknesses and folly by Satan and his minions.

The Christ Principle is the Son of God made human through the power of the Holy Spirit in a vessel so pure and spotless for a human, that God overshadowed this person with grace to extent that her humanity could not hold another drop of the divine presence. She was Mary and her response is the type of all responses made by all others after her, “Be it done to me according to Your Word.”

The Resurrection is the ultimate sign of contradiction and makes no sense if God became one of us only to just show us how to die a death that is brave in the face of being wrongly convicted of a political crime. It does make sense if you apply the Christ Principle, which says that all reality may be understood with the Rule of Opposites. Three concepts in my book entitled The Three Rules of the Spiritual Universe, are that the world does not know the answers to the six questions humans need to ask and answer themselves to attain the fullness of their human nature.

The Rule of Opposites is that the six questions we must all answer before we die is not possible using only the logic or science or philosophy or psychology that the world provides. It is only with the spiritual universe, the sign of contradiction that we can answer these six questions correctly. The six questions are:

  • What is the purpose of life?
  • What is the purpose of my life within that purpose?
  • What does reality look like?
  • How does it all fit together?
  • What does it mean to love fiercely?
  • We know we are going to die, now what?


What if, like skeptics who think there is a great conspiracy by early believers, there is no resurrection?

There is no purpose beyond what is meaningful for you.

You should get all you can out of life, while you live.

Death is the end, not a phrase of transformation.

All this spirituality about Lay Cistercians is just la-la land.

There is no hope for anything beyond the grave.

Everything you believe about the Trinity, the Church, Contemplation is so much make-believe.

Faith is a myth.

Love is measured by you not something outside of yourself.

We say we are saved by Christ by his passion, death, and resurrection. Saved from what? Whenever I use the Christ Principle as my measurement for these six questions, I get answers that do not make sense in terms of what the world says is true. This contradiction actually makes sense as answers to these six questions of human nature.

My hope is that the words of Christ to his followers are true.


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