I can’t think of a more esoteric and theoretical topic than the one above, The Mathematics of Being. Not being a person with a great comprehension of either mathematics or being, I make the perfect person who can speculate on what I have come to realize is the most bizarre Lectio Divina I have ever had. I share this with you with the caveat that I only received this message in short bursts, much like SETI receives interstellar radio waves.

Science is multiple disciplinary approaches that look at reality and wonder WHY, WHEN, HOW, WHAT IF, AND SO WHAT, to name a few questions. It uses mathematics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and technology to help get some answers. Without making a universal statement as true, the scientific approach to the physical and mental universes is, as I understand it, one that looks at visible reality and applies scientific principles to ask questions about reality. Some even go so far as to say that all reality must be measured by science languages (mathematics, physics, chemistry, as some examples). These languages free the user to probe reality objectively and measure what they find or stretch the mind and wonder about what could be if their hypothesis is true. The recent YouTube videos of Tesla show its founder, Elton Musk, pushing the boundaries of science by projecting research results to everyday living. This is an exciting time in science to break out of the past stereotypes and ask WHY NOT questions to established answers from the past. Creation and creative applications of new research to such areas as batteries and energy, automotive transportation with cars and trucks, and space colonization of the Moon and Mars, make the human penchant for making all things new sit up and take notice.

My Lectio Divina today had to do, not with the product of science and medicine, but rather the tools and language used to measure what is real and move beyond where we are. In particular, I was drawn to think about the very tools we look at physical and mental reality and ask the question, Is Mathematics as we know it advanced enough to view what is really out there? If we are innovative in our thinking about the product of reality, such as celestial distances and trying to find out about dark matter, dark energy, white holes, cosmic strings, and why these objects dominate our visual universe of reality, then maybe we can take a hint from the new James Webb telescope that will extend our look into the universe to find out why things are the way they are.  Are we still using hammers and nails to build a house when more efficient and effective tools are out there to help us? Is the mathematics we use evolving at a pace, even with computers, to keep up with the astounding input of information we are receiving and still processing? This is the question I asked myself this morning in my Meditation that leads (hopefully) to Contemplation.

This is the answer I received about the human situation.


You, humans, are so humorous. Your minds are always yearning for what is true and meaningful, but you fail to look at the answer right under your feet. There are three dimensions to reality, the physical universe or dimension in which you live and complete your existence. You are subject to its natural laws (if an asteroid hits you, there goes the ball game), but you must discover what is new and just beyond the next horizon using your mental universe. Only humans live here and collectively collect information to help the next generation move forward while simultaneously living in nature’s physical universe. You have developed languages to help your community with each other and move forward together as human nature. You are not an animal but have a reason for a reason and the ability to break out of the natural cycle and choose what you think is good for you. When you look at reality, you do so with the help of your reason, languages of mathematics, literature, and philosophy to seek meaning. One powerful impulse you have discovered is love. Many of you miss the spiritual universe, which has a divine being or nature. That is not your fault; it is not logical and does not make sense unless you use its own unique language to see what cannot be seen with human nature alone. The spiritual universe turns all human assumptions upside down. It makes more sense to humans because of the Christ Principle that became human in nature to show us how to look at the next level in our evolution, Spiritual Apes. As good as it is, science is incapable of calculating time, distance, space, and physical energy in the Spiritual Universe. It doesn’t exist that way to be measured by anything humans have to comprehend it. In this Spiritual Universe, mathematics is what the Supreme Being is, not what human nature assumes it to be. That means that, if God is one with three distinct persons, as Christ told us, that “one” is not a number at all, but a living person, or more accurately three persons. Mathematics has not evolved to consider numbers and theories as living persons with reason and freedom to choose (image and likeness of God). The mathematics of Being is in the playground of God, not humans. The equation for all that might look like 1=3, with these numbers as being. When you join me, like ones with human nature, not divine nature, you will be adopted sons and daughters and privy to the six questions you must ask and answer while.

  • What is the purpose of all life?
  • What is your purpose within that purpose?
  • What does reality look like?
  • How does it all fit together?
  • How to love fiercely?
  • You know you are going to die, now what?

Heaven will be an infinite duration of knowing, loving, and serving others as Christ has loved you. You have no idea what is in store for you, but you will share your Lord’s joy, as you can. Like theoretical mathematics and theoretical physics, this thinking might be called theoretical contemplation.


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