1. If Heaven is the reason why we are here on earth, why is it we don’t do more to prepare ourselves to live there?

2. It is better for you to have the perspective that all humans have the opportunity to get to Heaven, than to think that only a few make it.

3. If you play around with worrying about who is going to Heaven, you risk playing god. That is against the first commandment.

4. You are going to die, no matter if the doctor tells you, you have cancer, or you just die from old age.

5. All humans are destined for Heaven, but not everyone will make it there. Who goes and who does not?

6. Our Master came to SHOW us how to get to Heaven.

7. Everyone has a path in life. Just because your road is rocky, doesn’t mean you are on the wrong road. Walk the path of your destiny.

8. In your life, there are four doors through which you must pass. Do you know what they are and what each means?

9. The Master is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Do you know what this means in your life, right now?

10. No one goes to the Father except through the Son. How does this affect your relationship with God? The purpose for The Master coming to earth was to glorify the Father. What is your purpose?

11. Do you have a pattern of spiritual behavior? Contemplative?

12. Who has the right to take their own life? What are the moral implications of suicide or assisted suicide?

13. How would you explain reality in terms of three universes?

14. What is the purpose of the spiritual universe?

15. The core values of life are those we discover on our own, but also those given us by The Master. What are they? What is the value of these core principles for those who know when they are going to die?

16. Have you made the self-directed retreat?

17. Why should you help others to refocus, when you are the one who is going to die? How can this be a golden opportunity for you to share your spiritual treasures with those whom you love?

18. Everyone has the right to live. Everyone has the right to die with dignity. Not everyone agrees on what that means.

19. Cremation is an acceptable form of burial. It is certainly less expensive. Go to, to access a place that sells

wooden urns for cremation.

20. If it a good idea to have a last will and testament, it is also good to complete a journal preparing for the journey to…Forever.

21. Do you have a pattern of spiritual behavior? What you live on earth will be your frame of reference in Heaven. There is a caveat. Your experiences must be rooted in authentic, spiritual principles.

22. You based your life on God’s core values. Do you know what they are? You measure yourself against God’s core values to find out how close you are to being authentically human.

23. Look at the human race as heading towards its destiny. You, too, have a personal destiny, Heaven.

24. The purpose of life is to know, love, and serve God in this world, so that you can be happy in the next level of reality. (Baltimore Catechism, Question 6)

25. What you know about the purpose of life and God’s design is what you take with you to Heaven.

26. In the physical universe, you live, love, and die. In the mental universe, you broaden your horizon by loving through principles that lead to meaning. In the spiritual universe, you do all of the above, but

use God’s core values to actually boost you to a higher level of meaning. You prepare to live in a world without matter, a world of pure energy, pure thought, pure service, and pure love.

27. You need help to get to Heaven, even though you must enter there by yourself. Your spouse helps you, and so does your family and friends. Church is just a group of friends that are linked together as

the body of The Master. You must enter through the one door, The Master.

28. Beliefs are those we hold with our minds. Faith is a gift of God we are given for our hearts. All beliefs have assumptions. Those assumptions differentiate a Protestant from a Catholic, and Jew from a Muslim. You should be free to hold any belief system you choose, but know that all of them cannot be correct. They are in conflict with each other, in terms of the assumptions they hold to be true. All humans are

destined to be with God in Heaven. Depending on your assumptions, you may believe that people must agree with your interpretation of history and the Scriptures to make it there. Remember, Heaven is God’s playground, not yours. God is the ultimate judge of the heart.

29. To die well, you must also have lived well.

30. Preparing for your death, be it next week, or next fifty years will be the same process.

31. God takes care of those who believe in Him.

32. Soon, in about three or four billion years, the Sun will engulf this planet as it expands and expends it energy. By that time, the human race must find new worlds to pioneer and ways to get there. Will we?

Who knows? There is a way we can make it off the planet right now. When you die, you move to a different universe. This universe contains pure energy, pure thought, pure love, and pure service. While you are on earth, you prepare for the trip, the most important trip of your life. It is not a vacation nor is it business travel. Your destination is to live in

God’s home…Forever. How will you prepare?

33. You can’t have hatred and love in the same room together. Hatred is a way of de-valuing people and yourself. It is not the same as not liking the personality of someone. Hatred means you wish them ill, you can’t stand to be in their presence and you despise their key values.

34. We can hate people or we can hate ideas. If we hate ideas that are evil, as in the hatred of sin, we are justified. If we hate people, such as a spouse, we might be justified in our hatred, if that person is doing something evil and against God’s law. Usually, we hate the sin but love the person. Clearly, we must love one another, despite our failings, in spite of their personality flaws.

35. Marriage is a commitment of fierce love that overshadows our faults and gives obedience to God’s thinking. Read Matthew 22:34.

36. Fierce love is love and forgiveness for those who hate you. Fierce love is the love God has for us. There is no place for sin or hatred in the presence of this kind of love. It is the most difficult to achieve because it contradicts our instincts—to hurt those who hurt us, to strike back at those who bad mouth us and call them names.

37. Invisible reality or taking the word of someone is the most difficult part of Faith. Blessed are they who have not seen and yet believed.

38. It is how I do what Christ taught us that is important. There is only one Rule: love others as I have loved you, but that innocuous-looking Rule is everything.

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