Granted that both political parties are not beacons of truth and both tell their share of obfuscations, in this last week before elections, I am asking these pointed questions to find out where my mind and heart are. I do not presume to tell you how or for whom to vote. This is your birthright as a citizen. I would only encourage you to vote what is in your heart for the good of all of our great society. I ask myself:

  • Granted that both parties are not models of telling the truth, which party do you trust the most to lead us forward so that you can believe what they tell me is the truth?
  • Which party do you trust the most to sustain the rule of law and order and protect legitimate law enforcement and the criminal just system from those enemies foreign and domestic who want to tear down the principles of the Constitution?
  • Which party will protect us from foreign economies taking advantage of our monetary system?
  • Which party do you trust to not only sustain the military preparedness but also keep us at the forefront of the newest technological advances?
  • Which party do you trust to protect those poor and disabled among us with justice and mercy?
  • Which party makes you proud to be an American?
  • Which party makes you confident about the next four years in terms of the economy and your standard of living?
  • Which party will fight to protect the Constitution from all those who wish to tear down our heritage and replace it with a socialist-style elite government at Federal, State, and Local levels?
  • Which party embodies compassion and mercy for those unborn, disadvantaged, and on the fringes of poverty?
  • Which party would you be proud to say you support (in general)?

I know the party I will select in the next election. Do you? Vote your heart!

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