This is not a diatribe against this or that political party. Your right to vote is one of the most cherished of our constitutional requirements as a citizen. My only urging is to vote your conscience.

Here are ten questions I have asked myself as I approach the coming election for President. This list is not for you but to help me discern the future of how people will lead us.

  • What candidate would best simplify the astounding regulations and policies of the Federal Bureaucracy? Which candidate would add to the burden?
  • What candidate best embodies the principles of enterprise and small business entrepreneurship and helps the economy grow strong?
  • What candidate supports law enforcement and their task to keep public safety safe?
  • What candidate is weak in confronting anarchy and won’t propose a curb on the destruction of family businesses?
  • Which candidate would uphold the family and values that promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness through a positive approach to what we, as a nation, can be, if we listen to one another and put the welfare of citizens ahead of personal and political gain?
  • Which candidate cares most about protecting the weak and vulnerable among us with realistic departments that focus on stressing working and not rewarding the idle with a give-away?
  • Which candidate protects our country and county from those who wish to do it harm, foreign and domestic, by supporting the military and law enforcement and prison personnel?
  • Who speaks the truth, according to what you know, and does not defame or vilify others but seeks to come to an agreement using political tools rather than slander and hatred of the personality?
  • Which candidate seems to live what they have selected as their faith in words, and activities?
  • Which candidate best embodies your own values of security, prosperity, and justice under the law?

Humans have reason for a reason and the ability to choose what they consider best for them. Vote!

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