wonder-filled resources that fill up the emptiness of my heart while i age in place.

I use these resources nearly every week to help me fill in the big holes in my life due to COVID-19 and the hatred our culture seems to have for one another. Using the analogy of a room, each of us has a room way down deep inside of us. Not many people can enter this room, only if you allow them to enter. If you are a room, you cannot have love and hatred in the same room. Here is how to try to gain some perspective on life. I had the thought that, because much of the self-imposed quarantine means staying at home, why not make my home like the Monastery of the Holy Spirit (Trappist), complete with schedule and contemplative prayer space. I share with you some of the prayer practices I do.

THE RULE OF ST. BENEDICT- https://christdesert.org/prayer/rule-of-st-benedict/ Every day, as in “every day”, read Chapter 4 of the Rule of St. Benedict. I like the commentary from the AbbottChrist in the Desert Benedictine Monastery. Every day!

USCCB When I want to look up a Scripture passage or want to know what a particular Encyclical says about a particular topic, (e.g., the Church in the modern world), it is all there. http://www.usccb.org

CISTERCIAN (Trappist) SPIRITUAL PRACTICES My “go-to” sites always begin with the Monastery of the Holy Spirit (Trappist) http://www.trappist.net. https://www.trappists.org/ is a good way to look at all the monasteries of monks and nuns. I like to listen to the sermons of various Cistercians at https://www.trappist.net/homilies and use them to frame my meditations on the seeking God in my daily life.

NEW ADVENT– http://www.newadvent.com has a multitude of resources. My favorite is a blog you can sign up to receive daily updates on all things Catholic Universal.

DIVINE OFFICE– My favorite site for reading the Liturgy of the Hours is http://www.divineoffice.org. In addition, my own blog (https://thecenterforcontemplativepractice.org) is under resources (Lay Cistercian). http://www.divineoffice.org

BISHOP BARRON –If you haven’t signed up yet, do so now. Bishop Barron’s webpage, http://www.wordonfire.org will direct you to some of his video offerings. I have signed up for the daily Scripture meditations (free of charge).

DR. SCOTT HAHN — Dr. Hahn is an inspiration for me. I recommend you sign up for his newsletters and bookmark his website. Although I have not had the privilege of meeting him, his witness to Christ Jesus in his life has excited the Holy Spirit in me. https://stpaulcenter.com/

CATHOLIC CULTURE — This is a must-see site for those who wish to have a more apologetical approach to our Catholic heritage. https://www.catholicculture.org/ Sign up for their newsletters.

SHRINE OF OUR LADY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT– I am building a shrine to Our Lady in my heart, one that constantly reminds me of the humility necessary to embrace silence and solitude, which in turn leads to contemplation. When I seek God every day, I try to place myself in the real presence of Christ and just wait.This shrine contains those qualities that Mary used to accept her responsibilities as the Mother of The Savior, humility, obedience, actio, hospitality, and total abandonment to the will of the Father. The shrine will be completed when I stand before the Throne of the Lamb and show Jesus what I have done.

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