Here are some thoughts for Dads on their secular holiday.


THE BEGINNING Creation began as a YES (Let it be) from God. That which is created takes on the characteristics of the person creating it.

THE BEGINNING OF HUMAN LIFE (ADAM AND EVE) Everything living is a creation of the owner of the Garden; Adam and Eve were made to be gardeners of creation, not creators. Adam and Eve were the first creators of other humans. Those created by humans take on the characteristics of the one creating them (DNA). Adam and Eve chose to be god and lost their original purpose of being a gardener. Human life began with a YES from God and end up at NO from Adam and Eve. NO is a blocking word.

THE BEGINNING OF NEW LIFE (CHRIST and the CHURCH) Christ comes into existence with a YES (Let it be) from Mary. Jesus restores us to new life with Baptism and the Holy Spirit to help each of us.

CHRIST WAS TEMPTED IN THE DESERT (temptations about his divinity and humanity) BUT ALSO IN THE GARDEN OF GETHSEMANI (temptation testing his resolve to face the price of reconciliation with the Father). His human side was like us but his divine side was God. He had to make a choice of YES or NO. Christ chose to redeem us (YES).

GOD CREATED HUMANS WITH THE ABILITY TO REASON AND TO CHOOSE WHAT THEY REASONED. Each and every one of us must make a profession of faith in God as God (YES) rather than ourselves as god (NO). Christ tells us he has chosen us, we have not chosen Him. When we are Baptized, we are given the grace of being adopted sons and daughters of the Father and member of his Body, the Church Universal.

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