Liturgy of the Hours: WWW.DIVINE OFFICE.ORG

A favorite site of mine is the URL Divine Office is another name for saying the Liturgy of the Hours, like Lectio Divina is a more in-depth look at contemplation. The purpose of all of these prayers is to “have in you the mind of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 2:5) In this segment of my Liturgy of the Hours reflections, I want you to be aware of this website because you can actually pray the Liturgy of the Hours using it. The Liturgy of the Hours goes way back in our heritage, back before the time of St. Benedict (c. 540 AD) who wrote a booklet called The Rule of St. Benedict. There are seven prayers that make up the day, Office of Readings, Morning Prayer, Mid-day Prayers (3), Evening Prayer, and Night Prayer.

The site is free and you may want to sign up for it. I would encourage you to give them a generous donation to keep them on-line.

My own blog is on the Home page (right side towards the bottom). It is A Lay Cistercian Reflects on Spiritual Reality.

Questions you might want to consider, if you want to grow deeper in Christ Jesus, are:

Am I strong enough in my Faith to commit to daily reading (private or in a group) of the Liturgy of the Hours? I am fortunate to have Office of Readings and Morning prayer as well as Evening Prayer at my Church of Good Shepherd, Tallahassee, Florida.

Can I sustain my Faith on a daily basis? Too busy? Too bored? Too tired? There are a million reasons not to take up reciting the Liturgy of the Hours but only one good one to do it: He must increase and I must decrease (capacitas dei).


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