Today is All Souls Day. It might seem morbid to pray for someone who is already dead. If someone dies and is cremated, there are only ashes remaining, that is, if you don’t believe in the Resurrection. If you do hope that the words of Christ are true, that if we believe we will rise again with Christm then we actually just pass through another threshold, we don’t die.

This is significant for a proper understanding of the afterlife. If there is no Resurrection, then there is no Heaven, there are no people in Heaven or Hell, nor can we pray for the dead. Some assumptions that I make based on my belief (fides querens intellectum) faith informed by reason.

When people die, they will be judged by God according to their works. (Matthew 25:36)

People don’t die they pass through another portal or gateway into the next phase of their existence, one that is pure energy, pure knowledge, pure love, and pure service.

Christ is the great translator of what we see and feel in Heaven.

We take with us all those experiences and good deeds that we did in the name of Christ.

Heaven is forever, an eternal NOW. We call that the Mystery of Faith because it is not within our wheelhouse of experiences.

Christ came to show us how to get to Heaven and to prepare ourselves to live there.

Those that do not believe or have prepared will reap the reward of their works.

There is no sin in Heaven.

Heaven is not an entitlement of Faith but must be earned. Faith is needed for salvation but faith without works is dead.

There is only one command: love one another as I have loved you.

Life is a time when we pack our suitcase with what we will take to Heaven. What will you bring? It can’t be physical. It can be mental and spiritual.

In memorial of all the souls, who are still alive and awaiting the Last Judgement, we pray for them and ask them to pray to Christ with us as they stand before the Throne of the Lamb.


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