Do you remember the late Sen Ted Kennedy and Sen. Alan Simpson, (R-Wyoming) debate in the early 1990s?

Now, the era of civility in politics is out the door. Respect for the office of President is lacking among lawmakers. Oh, did you look up the latest approval rating for Congress? You won’t believe it. It is for sure that Congress does not believe it, or just doesn’t care. The only thing both parties want is to show how they can hate each other, block judicial nominees, and sabotage the agenda from the other side. Usually, I don’t interfere in the political process, but I have five recommendations to combat the politics of hatred.

  1. Don’t vote for anyone who supports hatred, calumny, and detraction coming from candidates.
  2. Don’t support anyone who wants to disrespect the right of people to choose whatever religion they want.
  3. Don’t choose someone who is a socialist or elitist, one-issue politician.
  4. Don’t vote for people who want to spend money they don’t have.
  5. Don’t vote for anyone against the military.

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