What goes around comes around eventually. Consider this example.

We are all born without our consent, alone, from darkness into the light of the world.

We live our unique lives at birth confined to a crib and would not exist without the help of our parents.

We expand that space to include our house and gain knowledge of what is right and wrong and begin to discover what is meaningful.

We push out further, going to school, learning to read and write, discovering the larger world around us.

We get a job, take on responsibilities, get married, raise a family and our progeny increases.

We complete our job, retire, and try to discover meaning for what is to come.

We are confined sometimes to our house and our movement may be limited.

We end up in our bed, once again, taken care of by our family or friends.

We die alone, in darkness, but with an exception. We wake up to the light of Christ which we have carried faithfully in our hearts.

Good and faithful servant, God tells us, come, share your Lord’s joy.

Amen and Amen.

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