This coming August 19-22, 2019, (Monday through Thursday), there will be an opportunity for you to make a retreat at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Conyers, Georgia. If you have been to the Monastery for a retreat, you know that silence is a big part of any contemplative retreat, yet, there is plenty of sharing of ideas through the sessions and in long walks in the woods. Couples are most welcome.

Contemplative means you take time from all the cares and woes of life to reinvigorate your inner self through silence, solitude, work, prayer, and community. I have the privilege of being the retreat master for this retreat, along with a colleague, Peter Cowdrey, both of us from Good Shepherd Parish, Tallahassee, Florida.

If you have never made such a retreat, or feel the need to be energized in the presence of the Holy Spirit, the actual retreat master for all retreats, I would encourage you to do so.

Here is the description from the official brochure from the Monastery.

August 19-22 (Midweek)

The Six Questions You Must Answer Before you Die

(Michael F. Conrad, Ed. D. & Peter Cowdrey)

There is a place in all of us where we are afraid to look to find the answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions. Contemplative spirituality can help to clear away some of the cobwebs so we can have a chance to address them. These six fundamental questions are:

  • What is the purpose of life?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • What does reality look like?
  • How does it all fit together?
  • How can you love fiercely?
  • You know you are going to die, now what?

Each person may have unique answers to them. This retreat will focus on how the Christ Principle enables us to discover authentic meaning and love within us by using Cistercian practices and charisms to move from self to God.


You can sign up right now for this event by calling the Retreat Center at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery and ask for Brother Mark, O.C.S.O., or Patti. They will guide you through the requirements and registration.
Call (770) 760-0959. Give them the title or dates of the retreat and they will do the rest.

The website is: Look up “Plan Your Visit” then click on retreats.

I send this to you in advance so you may clear your schedule, if you are called to attend this retreat. We would like to have several people from the Tallahassee area attend this retreat. Don’t wait too long to sign up for the retreat. Space is limited.

You may reach me, Michael Conrad, at my Email: with any questions or concerns.

That in all thing, may God be glorified. –St. Benedict

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