I have always loved plainsong, sometimes refered to as Gergorian Chant, plus other sacred music that has permeated my spirit from my youth.  I wanted to collect what I consider to be my favorite chants because they mean so much to me, but also because I can take them to heaven with me, if I thread them with the Golden Thread. My unorthodox example of an Ariadne-like story that we received a gold thread tied around our heart with the other end tied to the heart of Christ. Whatever we thread with this golden thread we can take with us to Heaven.  Theologically sound? I don’t know. It works for me.

TOP TEN FAVORITES (in no particular order of importance)

  1. Litany of the Saints
  2. Gelineau Psalms
  3. Liturgy of the Hours and Psalms chanted by monks
  4. Eucharist
  5. Veni Creator Spiritus
  6. Polyphony
  7. Pange Lingua Gloriosi
  8. Hymns
  9. Creed
  10. Choral —

Music lifts the spirit past the bounds of mental constructs to allow it to approach the  Sacred, the Mystery of Faith.



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