In  my Lectio Divina (Phil2:5) before Eucharist on Sunday, I thought about how Jesus made Himself present to us becoming human. I thought of how I might make Jesus present today, or in each age until he comes again.  Then it hit me. We actually recite the prayer together, We proclaim the death of the Lord until he comes again. Here are some of my reflections.

  • There are some parallels between Christ and each age of the Church. There is only one mission of Christ: for  Christ to  give Himself up as ransom for us to the Father. The same Christ offers Himself up to the Father at each Eucharist, giing praise and glory to the Father with the Holy Spirit. The three are one. We join with Christ to proclaim the Death and Resurrection of Christ each time we join with Him in giving glory to the Father. John 17
  • Our challenge in each age is to proclaim the death of the Lord until he comes in glory. We do that in prayer. As one who tries to practice Lay Cistercian spirituality in prayer, I do this by stressing the “capacitas dei” in my self–making room for God.
  • Just as the Resurrection is folly, as St. Paul writes, if it did not actually happen, then Eucharist is also a great deception because it depends upon the Resurrection of Christ from the dead. We waste our time in prayer to dead space, if there is no Resurrection of Jesus Christ (both God and Human) to give glory to the Father.
  • Just as an ice cube will melt if not refrigerated, so too, our faith melts in the corrupting influence of Original Sin. We are good, but sins corrupts. Jesus had not sin and was not corrupt, but he was tempted. We are good but commit sin, missing the mark of what we should be a true members of the Body of Christ. Luckily, we have Christ to help make all things new in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, at the beginning prayers of the Eucharist and in personal acts asking God to be merciful to us, all sinners who proclaim the death of the Lord until He comes again.
  • Such a magnificent gift the Eucharist is that it provides us with the Bread of Life, Bread we eat to be able to proclaim the death of the Lord until he comes both in our hearts and at the end of time. Food to keep our faith from melting in the heat of Original Sin.
  • As a Lay Cistercian, I am now just beginning to see how all reality fits together, how the Mystery of Faith does not keep our minds from the truth but allows our human intellegence to engage in that which is beyond our human capability and capacity to define, but it exists. None of this would take place without the Resurrection of Christ, giving our adoption as sons and daughters at Baptism a permanence…Forever.
  • The Church Universal is the continuity we indiiduals cannot provide. Like mosaics, we add our little fragment to the great picture of Christ. It is just a fragment but one Christ was willing to die for. (Philippians 2:5-12).

That in all things,God be glorified.–St. Benedict


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