My wife and I recently took a trip to Nashville to visit our daughter, Martha.  Of course, we had to take along our dog, Tucker.  Nice trip for a couple of days, but then my wife asked me, what’s next?

I said that our daughter was coming to Tallahassee for Thanksgiving visit.  What’s next?

I began to think about the time from now to whatever happens until I die.  Here are some thoughts, hopefully not too morbid.

  • I want to write a series of blogs (like this one) on the subject of The Theology of the Body, taken from the series delivered by Pope Saint John Paul II at his weekly audiences over a year or so.  And then what?
  • I want to write a series of blogs and create an instrument for parishioners to tell which of four churches in them is dominant and which they need to prop up to maintain balance. And then what?
  • I want to write books on Eucharist, Lay Cistercian Journey, The Dark Side of Love, The Carpenter’s Dog, A compendium of blogs for those in Adoration Before the Blessed Sacrament, and hopefully more topics to come from the Holy Spirit.  And then what?
  • Prepare for my funeral and internment in Honeycreek Woodlands Cemetary at the Holy Spirit Monastery. And then what? www.trappist/net/conservation-burial-ground
  • For the rest of my time, live the Life of Christ as practiced by Cistercians Monks, Nuns, and Lay Cistercians.  And then what?

Die.  And then what?


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