Here are some thoughts from my Lectio Divina meditations that you might find interesting.

Wonder if… you did not have to struggle sometimes to complete your contemplative practices.

Wonder if…you were not tempted to stop going to Eucharist because it is where you not only give glory to the Father through Christ but also receive the real presence of Christ in your heart.

Wonder if…you did not have to have humility and obedience to God’s will but could do anything your impulses and desires dictated.

Wonder if…you convince yourself that you could have a long-distance relationship with God rather than being the hands and feet of God where you are.

Wonder if…you fell away from the Church because you thought it was too hypocritical and yet failed to uncover the dynamic presence of Christ through contemplation and service.

Wonder if…you do not have a clue that the purpose in life is to love God with all your heart, your mind, and your strength and your neighbor as yourself.

Wonder if…you feel that you have the truth informed by faith but do not practice it.

Wonder if…you can’t see God.

That in all things, may God be glorified.  St. Benedict


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