Contemplative Practices I practice

The following spiritual practices are those I use in my daily attempt to love God with all my heart. I like them because they allow me to focus on my purpose in life, to have in me the mind of Christ Jesus. (Phil 2:5-12) I will never reach it, of course, but as a beginner Lay Cistercian, I will try to be faithful to the practices handed down through the centuries. These practices work for me and I don’t speak for anyone but myself. Future blogs will highlight each one of these practices in detail.

  • Lectio Divina daily
  • Liturgy of the Hours daily
  • Eucharistic Adoration weekly
  • Eucharist daily
  • Reading Chapter 4 of St. Benedict’s Rule daily
  • Forgiveness and Penance monthly or as needed
  • Rosary daily
  • Gathering Day each month
  • Work –writing daily
  • Solitude  daily
  • Silence daily
  • Pray daily
  • Morning Offering daily

Where your heart is, there your treasures will be?  What are your treasures as you pack for the journey to…Forever. List the practices you do and how often you do them.

That in all things, may God be glorified. –St. Benedict

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